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On disc: Ecliptyka

- The First Petal Falls - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The First Petal Falls

The First Petal Falls
(self-released - 2007)

Ecliptyka is a Brazilian band which started back in 1999 and as usual had to go through some line-up changes. With The First Petal Falls they offer their first demo.
Drums lead you into Wept Tears, soon the guitars join in and the song gets neo-classical touch. Singer Helena Martins reminds me a bit of Cristina Scabbia - at least partly. The refrain is catchy and powerful due to the backing vocals who support Helena here. Some spoken words are added. They offer a melodic metal tune which is based on heavy riffs, but they don't fit into one or the other genre! Helena's vocals put them close to symphonic bands like Within Temptation, but the guitar work is more modern metal-like... Based in traditional heavy metal is Time Makes Us Free - from the guitar riffing and the song structure. While Feelings From Destiny shows different speeds, mainly a fast one, but with a more mid-paced passage and that part has a different feel. More symphonic and slower kicks off Rest Warrior. But they speed up again. Partly the vocal line is building a counter part to the fast riffing. At Unleash Me a keyboard dominates in the beginning, then it becomes quite balladesque - for awhile. During the slow, balladesque part the focus is on Helena's vocals. Very heavy riffs adds some aggression and build a sharp contrast to the angelic voice. At the end the keyboard takes over again and leads you out of the song... the CD.
And to get a better idea of Ecliptyka you also get a video - of Unleash Me.
Its obvious that Ecliptyka present a mixture of their influences and cross genre boarders, but what all songs have in common is strong melodies, catchy vocals and craftsmanship. Even if they have slower and even balladesque passages so is the majority of the songs fast and I think a bit more variety wouldn't hurt them.... Anyway, this is their first demo and so they can improve - and I think we will hear more of them in future!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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