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On disc: Eclectika

Dazzling Dawn - Claudia Ehrhardt - 3 stars

Dazzling Dawn

Dazzling Dawn
(Asylum Ruins - 2010)

Eclectika is the one-man-show of Sebastien Regnier who wants to combine different genres and create something new. The opening track The End is inspired by classic pieces, but then the title track Dazzling Dawn gives the first idea about what to expect. In case of the title track is's black metal which should be raw and mean, but the production and the cliché sounding elements can't transport his vision. The addition of female vocals isn't a bad idea, but it doesn't work here. Sophist Revenge follows the chosen path, again he uses female vocals as a stylistic element, but her voice isn't powerful enough. After the black metal tracks he kicks off acoustically Les Démons Obsédants Du Regret. This song is targeting a different group of music lovers, but the production is weak and the female voice isn't strong enough, isn't charismatic enough to forget the poor production. Part of the problem is sound of the instruments, with modern technology you can create almost every sound, but you still have to know the basics to make it sound good. I guess that tracks like Marble Altar or The Next Blue Exoplanet would sound much better, if he would have worked with people who are master craftsman.
The mix of different genres is a walk on the razor's edge - and even for highly skilled musicians a risky one. Unfortunately Sebastien Regnier doesn't have the craftsmanship and so he can't show off what's behind Dazzling Dawn.
The former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt said: "People who have a vision should go see a doctor." Well, some might have the same though after listening to this album. And I partly agree, but I can see what Regnier had in mind. Anyway, he won't succeed without some talented guys who help him to bring his ideas to life. I recommend Mon. Regnier to look for some talented guys to hook up with for his next album.

3 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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