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On disc: Earthen Grave

Earthen Grave - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Earthen Grave

Earthen Grave
(Claude & Elmo Music - 2012)

From Chicago rises a new band, a six members constellation who call themselves Earthen Grave. Stoner metal and doom metal is what they practice, but as good as their intentions are, it doesn't really get the finger in to make an impact. It feels like there are too many in the band, and the one who holds the role as disrupter is violinist Rachel Barton Pine who fiddles on an electric metal violin like someone who can't resist the possibility to interrupt other people. Their debut album has some good tracks like Tilted World, where the hard basis rhythm gives the metal character, and on Beneath A Shovel Load we also get a very tight construction of metal made of guitars and genuine songwriting. Fall In has both doom metal and country rock in the core of the song and filled with a fresh spirit it survives the lesser songs. Relentless pumps more hard metal rock out of the veins, with energy and good attitude. I hope they can do better on their next album.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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