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On disc: Eagleheart

- Black Sun - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Black Sun

Black Sun
(self-released - 2005)

Guitarists Michael Kůs and Tomáš Cafourek founded Eagleheart in 2003. It took them awhile to find the current line-up, but early 2005 they finally found singer Vojta Šimoník and found a stable line-up. Soon afterwards the Czech power metal band recorded this MCD.
The start with Into Eternity which is a guitar-based intro and leads into Buried Alive. A heavy melodic speed metal song with a catchy chorus is Buried Alive and let you think of bands like Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica. But it's not just fast double-bass drumming and heavy riffs, they use breaks / speed changes as well as neo-classical guitar parts to achieve a more diverse sound. Singer Vojta Šimoník switches from high-pitched vocals to deeper ones. Sometimes they remind me a bit of Gamma Ray or Helloween (Kiske era), but other parts are more Stratovarius-like. The title track Black Sun is a heavy mid-tempo tune and shows them from a slightly different side. Here the vocals are more intense... Drummer Zdeněk Vérnola uses different drum patterns to vary while keeping the mid-tempo pace most of the time. The vocal line is quite catchy while the instruments don't follow the usual power metal scheme, it's has a progressive edge... Here the guys from Brno show a more unique sound then on Buried Alive. Time Has Come starts slowly with strings and vocals, but then they explode in it becomes a heavy, fast power metal track, but during the chorus they slow down a bit... Here they remind me again of Gamma Ray... But they have a certain aggressiveness in their sound... More like Rage... And during the chorus a bit like Hammerfall... They have good ideas, but have to create a more unique sound. Last, but not least there is a radio edit of the title track which gets a symphonic touch through the cello. The cello could be a bit more upfront... But that's just the mix, the idea to add a cello is cool and works great with the song.
Production-wise they can improve, but this is a demo-MCD and no big production and producer. And the MCD was done shortly after they found the current line-up, so I think with a bit more time, experience and a decent production they can keep up. Let's see what they present us in future.
If you want to check out this Czech band, listen to the title track Black Sun and Time Has Come.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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