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A special event with: Doro

- Doro Pesch at RTL Celebrity Match 2002 - date - Cologne (D) -

Doro Pesch vs. Michaela Schaffrath aka Gina Wilde
October, 26th 2002 in Cologne (Germany)

At the moment the Germany's metal queen Doro Pesch is on tour to promote their latest album Fight. About a week ago Samantha Fox who should fight against Michaela Schaffrath got injured and so Doro took the challenge when ask to step in and box at that event.
I just had the chance to see the match on TV, probably not the worst thing, coz so you can take a close look.
On this event 3 matches are scheduled, but only the last one of the evening is interesting for metal fans. So, I will just comment that one. But first some information about Doro's opponent Michaela Schaffrath. Most will probably know her as Gina Wilde, a German porn actress. Two years ago she left the genre and is now starting her career as an actress in German TV productions. Michaela 'Wild Thing' Schaffrath was trained for about 3 months by Germany's boxing champion Regina Halmich. Regina got more attention for her match against German TV host Stefan Raab then for her professional career as an European & World Champion at WIBF as Flyweight (1995 - 1999), Super Flyweight (1998/1999) and Junior Flyweight (current title) Champion since 1995.
So, Michaela had about 3 months of training while Doro had just one week, but since 1996 Doro is doing Thai boxing. Another good training is the 2 hour show of Doro and her band on tour. For tonight's event she had to reschedule the concert in Bochum. Germany, but her fans will forgive her. Doro 'Metal Queen' Pesch had one week of training with Bulgarian Junior Bantam weight champion Daisy 'The Lady' Lang. Daisy Lang lives in Doro's hometown Düsseldorf. But that was unimportant, coz at the moment Doro and her band are on tour and so our 'Metal Queen' had to exercise for the boxing fight and do all the stuff she usually does on tour like doing interviews and going on stage every night for at least 2 hours! Tough time for Miss Pesch!
On the way to the boxing ring Doro was guided by her coach Daisy Lang while her song Always Live To win of the new album Fight was played. Actually that song Doro wrote for her long-time friend Regina Halmich. Then Michaela 'Wild Thing' Schaffrath entered the ring. Before the match both were questioned about the fight and Michaela was sure to give her opponent a tough time. While Doro stated that she would finish the match in the first or at least second round... Also they showed a short report about both where sequences of the live show and parts of the White Wedding video were shown.
The fight was scheduled for 3 rounds of 90 seconds with a break of 90 seconds between the rounds. The referee explain the rules again and then the bell started the first round. As I'm not into boxing and they aren't professionals the fight was technically not very good. The fight was commented by German boxer Axel Schulz who was surprised by the power and the doggedness of the blondes. Both had to take hard hits and both gave the other a tough time. What was obvious even to me was that Doro didn't cover enough, but she took the hard hits with a lot of brave and fought back! During the first break Regina Halmich was motivating Michaela Schaffrath who looked a little groggy... Doro Pesch on the other side of the ring looked quite fresh and got tips from her trainee Daisy Lang. Then it was time for round no. 2! And again the blondes started a hard fight. It seems that they even got more serious, that they licked blood! For the two women the 90 seconds seems to get a long distance... But they fought hard! And Michaela had to take a lot of hits from the 'Metal Queen'. But that doesn't mean that the blonde front lady hadn't to take hard hits as well, but mostly coz her coverage was almost not existing. The bell marked the end of round 2 and proofed Doro wrong. During the break it was obvious that Doro has the better condition and 'Metal Queen' Doro still looked fresh. Another ring of the bell started the final round. Again they started a hard, grim fight. In the last round it seems that they were equal opponents. Even if Doro partly dominated the fight, but her hits wasn't as hard as Michaela's, therefore she had more strikes. And then the fight was over!
The trainees entered the ring to congratulate the opponents. And Doro and Michaela both seemed to be happy about the result of the fight and about their own performances. It took awhile until the referee could announce the winner. Expositor Axel Schulz said right after the fight that he didn't expect such a hard and dogged fight and that in his opinion the fight ended in a tie. But the officials announced that Michaela 'Wild Thing' Schaffrath won the fight with 86 to 84 points against Doro 'Metal Queen' Pesch. A very close result and I think both are winners!
Next time you will see Doro again on stage, but she enjoyed this event and it seemed that the guys of the band did as well.... Perhaps this wasn't the last time we saw her in the ring... Even if she would prefer Thai boxing, I guess.... Or more time to practice...

Claudia Ehrhardt


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