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In Words: Dyslesia

- Dyslesia - April 2000 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Dyslesia (by email) - April 2000

A few months ago I got a CD of the French band Dyslesia. Earlier this year the French toured with Vanden Plas through Europe, but I missed them! So I decided to do an email interview to give the band a chance to present themselves and give a little more information. So, here we go:

What does Dyslesia mean? I couldn't find a explanation for it... Not in a dictionary or in the Psychyrembel.... So please explain!

There's no meaning for Dyslesia. In fact, first it was dyslexia, we put out the x and change it by a s so Dyslesia was born.

I was very surprised to hear that you are around since 1986! That's a long time and I read that you had several line-up changes... Don't tell in detail, but give a short round-up.

Yes, Dyslesia was born in 1986, but it's also the beginning for the two brother of the band in the music that's why it took such a long time. The guys must learnt how to play and when you growing the young line ups had some difficulty to survive. And when the things became more serious you have a lot of problems coming up, but now it s okay. We have a new rhythmic guitar player calls Fabrice and we all thinking in the band that we are like this for a long time now

How would you describe your music? What are your influences?

Our music is a combination of all our influences. We all listening to different music in the band. So we mix all and the result is Dyslesia! Sometimes speed, sometimes prog, sometimes heavy. We like Queensrÿche, Helloween, Dream Theater, this kind of bands.

My Own Revolution is your debut album. So is this a collection of songs from the past years or almost new material?

My Own Revolution is our first CD and it's a combination of old and new songs. For example Lights And Dreams was created five years ago and Fallen Angels just two month before the recordings

Where have you recorded the album? Are you satisfied with the result?

We had record the CD in France in a little studio calling Remed Studio. And yes, we are satisfied with the result, cause it's the first. We know the problems with this 1st album, but we produced it on our own and we made it with our money. So you see, we were limited. At first we wanted with this CD to show all the people what Dyslesia is and for the second we hope that we'll have the possibility to make something bigger

How do you write songs? Jamming or does someone came up with riffs? How?

For the composition of the songs... At first it's just a riff and afterwards we all search for a structure around this riff and we work on it for hours and hours.

Please tell a little bit about the lyrics! What inspires you? What do you want to express with the album tittle?

The lyrics talking about bad and good things a person can go through in a lifetime. Often it's talk about the bad things you can have in your head and it's always coming back again and again. About the title of the CD... We choose it, because we made an album and for us it changes a lots of things in our life. It's like a revolution, but a great revolution, musicians life it's what we had dreamt about all our life and now its happen. So what more we can ask for?

In your biography it's mentioned that you opened for bands like Rage, Stratovarius, Royal Hunt and others. How you got the chance to play with this acts?

Yes, we had the fantastic chance to opened for these bands. It s because of our management who finds all that for us (Music Division - Roger Wessier)

How was the reaction of the audiences?

The reaction of the audience was always great and that's making us stronger for going ahead. You know being the guest for such bands it's always a special moment. I don't know if we had realize this at that moment. Maybe later we realized, it's like a dream came true and we want rest in it.

Now your album is out for about a year. Have you got any reactions? A few weeks ago you been on the road with Vanden Plas. Please tell a little bit about that tour?

Now, one year has past and we are very happy of all the support that the peoples in fanzines, magazines and radios gave us during that year. We had the chance to play with some of the biggest bands in the metal. So I always saying that we are living in a dream and what a fantastic dream! We are just ending the European Vanden Plas tour. For us it's and it'll stay a very special moment. They were so friendly to us during the tour. It was incredible! We had a lot of parties, especially for the final show! A lot of jokes was made to all the bands like water on the stage, etc....

Are you writing new material? Are songs already written for the new album?

We are working on the new album. Three songs are ready and the other are in progress.

Will you record in the same studio? With the same people?

No, we don't want to record in the same studio. We want a bigger one and we are seriously thinking about a German studio, but schhhh... It s a secret.

How are plans for your future? Will you play any festivals?

For the future our plan is to work at the new CD. We'll play at a festival in June with Pink Cream 69 and Metalium in France, but our priority is the new album.

Is it more difficult for you as a French band to get the attention of media and fans? Is there a metal scene in France? Do you see yourself as a part of it?

No, it's not difficult to be a French metal band, cause if you want to do something, you have to do the right things and the sacrifices for it. And I think it s the same everywhere, cause there is a good French metal scene who's just waiting to explode. We had the chance to have the good people around the band for helping us and that's why we start to be known by the metal scene, but be sure that there is a lot of very good band in France

Do you think that the internet helps a young band to promote themselves?

Yes, the internet is a fantastic thing for the promotion of a band! You can do a lot of things with a homepage

What do you think about MP3? Do you think it's a good idea to add a mp3 file to a CD review to give the reader an idea about the music?

MP3 standard is good for giving an idea of the music, but just for giving a idea, not for give all the music like I see so often on the web. A band needs to sell CD and if there were no CDs sold, there's no band!

Do you have a homepage? (At the moment I don't have a clue, if you have a page or not... And due to my move I don't have the CD to look at.... Sorry!)

We have a homepage which is called! And it s very cool for us, cause we can see the reaction of the fans on it and they can send us mails. It's very cool!!!

I hope this gives you a clue how the band thinks and lives. I just can recommend to visit their page to get more information and don't hesitate to mail them. And don't forget that all the big names of today, won't be big, if the fans won't allow them to develop and grow! So give young bands a chance! Check them out and see them live!
I definitely will do that and them I'll tell you more about the French!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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