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In Words: Drünken Bastards

- Blizz - Aug. 2010 - Mike Thompson -

Drünken Bastards
© Drünken Bastards

Blizz - August 8th 2010 (by email)

Drünken Bastards just have their new album Horns Of The Wasted out, time to learn a bit more about Drünken Bastards! Thanks to singer Blizz for answering some questions!

Thanks for taking the time to answer these question! Is there a story behind the name or does it just describe your natural state?

First of all thanks for having us in your zine! Well, there is no special story behind the name. It basically came from one of our friends. On the other hand you could say that the band's name describes our natural state as well.

If you had to describe the music of Drünken Bastards to someone who had never heard a metal band before what would you say to them?

I'd say, go ahead jerk buy a Motörhead LP! But what kind of question is this? How could I describe this to someone who has never listened to metal before?

You recently signed with Hell's Headbangers so was there anything particular about that label that made them sound like the right place for Drünken Bastards?

Of course. Hells Headbangers is one of the best underground metal labels in the world. Their bands, products and attitude are very professional and represent high quality. This label is on a different level from most of the underground labels. Luckily there are a couple more labels on the same level as HHR like NWN or KBTMT.

What can newcomers to Drünken Bastards expect from your live show?

Speed and blood. Our shows are very intense metal / punk assaults; we are always fucking loud, drunk and faster than on the albums.

Is there a particular song that you enjoy playing live? Which song gets the best audience reaction?

The guys always want to hear Drink With Satan (probably our top-hit song), Posercrusher and the Barbatos cover are just as popular. I personally love playing the Barbatos and Eat My Fuk covers. Sometimes I'm telling the band that these are our best songs haha.

You certainly seem to like your beer...which is your favorite brand?

Yeah we like beer, but I rather have a whisky and the good old Jim Beam is always there for it. I do prefer corn beers, especially Hoegaarden.

If a hot chick asked you to sign a dildo, what would your reaction be?

After I signed the dildo, I would ask her to put it into her butthole then deepthroat my nuclear cock. Skeletonizer: I'd spit on her face and choke the shit out of her with that dildo.

Does Hungary have a strong metal scene?


Who are your biggest musical influences? What was the album that caused you to want to play in a metal band?

Too many to mention man. Maybe Motörhead or Metallica or the old black / death metal bands. I don't know. I personally listen to many styles of aggressive music from crust / punk to black metal and I have millions of favorite bands. But it's more or less the same with the other band members. All of them have many commonly favored bands and I'm sure that each one of these had an influence on our music.

What do you think of downloading music? Do you think sites like Myspace, Youtube and help or hinder the metal scene?

Well, I don't like to download music. I'm a metal freak and a record collector so MP3 isn't a musical format for me. I still collect demo tapes, CDs and LPs as well. All of the mentioned sites can help the bands. For example we also have a myspace site which is good to inform the fans, but honestly it isn't as important as some people think.

What does the future hold for Drünken Bastards?

Our guitarist and our friend Pete is sick, he has lymphoma. We have to wait until he is fully recovered then we will go back to playing shows. In this period we are planning to record the third album. But the most important thing is his health, so I hope we can come out with the big news that he has recovered as soon as possible.

Thanks again guys, good luck with the new album!

Thanks for the offer man, wait for the new album and get in touch with us at: or

Motherfucker in the sky!

Blizz, 2010

Mike Thompson


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