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In Words: DrivHell

- Igor della Ricca - May 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© DrivHell

Igor della Ricca - May 16th 2010 (by email)

Drivhell is an Italian band which just steps into the spotlight internationally. Their album Journey As A Life was released a bit ago, so it's time to learn more about the band! Thanks to drummer Igor della Ricca for answering my questions.

Please tell us a bit about Drivhell! You started back in 1998, but til now had only 2 demos released... Is that right?

Yes, that's right. Actually we consider Sunrise as a demo, whilst as regards Behind The Silence we thought of it as a being a demo, but the very positive feedback made as consider it our first discography piece which eventually helped us to have get in touch with Copro Records / Casket Music.

Why the name 'Drivhell'? What does it mean to you?

'Drivhell', to us, is like saying 'Drive through hell'. It's like saying that one has to really know how to survive in the daily hell. Certainly 'Drivhell' sounds better.

Your debut is called A Journey As A Life like one of your songs. Why did you choose this title?

This play on words seems to us to summarize, in a through way, the thread of the whole concept album.

The song title suggest that the lyrics are based on every day life, but also have a philosophical touch. What inspires you?

We believe that the single text should be traced to the tonality of all the songs of the CD. Being a concept that gets inspiration from the book of Italo Calvino Le città invisibili (The Invisible Cities) the philosophical touch is the result of the interpretation of this book. Philosophical? I would say is too much.

Your lyrics are English, but some spoken words parts are in Italian, why this?

The parts which are recited in Italian are directly taken from the book and so it seemed to us to be more correct to leave them in the original language as a homage to Italio Calvino's great work. We would like to thank Claudio Corbetta for his great recital on the CD.
(For A Journey As A Life - Guideline for a correct interpretation click here!)

Cover artwork... It was one by Daniele Acerbi. Was the artwork concept his? Or did you had an idea he started working from?

Actually Daniele has only paged and graphically organized the booklet. The artwork was done by Linda Beretta in the close symbiosis with the development of A Journey As A Life.

And the story of the man behind the mask?

The man starts off with a mask, but during the working out of the album he understands that the only way to enjoy the journey 'called life' is that of taking the mask off. In the VI chapter Haze Of Memories the man abandons the mask.

As this is your first album, are all songs written for this release? Or is it a collection of songs you wrote through the years?

All the songs have been written after reading the book. We have simply copied into music the sensation which each chapter of the book gave to us. Nine songs for the nine chapter.

How long did the recording take? Was Mika Jussila your favorite man for the mastering?

Just in January of 2009, on the advice of Carlo Belotti of Akemist Fanatix Europe and of our recording studio Real Sound Studio of Wahomi Corvi did we decide to rely on Mika and we can say that the result is very pleasing.

Which bands/artists inspire(d) you? And what are listening to these days?

We think Britney Spears, but we are not sure... ha!ha!ha!...Seriously we like groups like Dream Theater, Pocupine Tree, Pain of Salvation, Muse, Fates Warning and the unforgettable groups like PFM, Genesis, Jethro Tull etc... and obviously Iron Maiden, Helloween, Angra... and so on.

The album is out for a while now, how are the reactions? Are you satisfied with the feedback you got so far?

Well, really, because of various problems the CD was distributed just a few months ago, so at the moment we haven't received much feedback, but those few feedback have been positive.

What about playing live? Are their any plans for concerts? A tour?

In Italy there isn't real 'space' for this type of music and unfortunately we don't have the contacts to play abroad. It's strange to think that we filled a theatre with 800 people yet we can't find a 'space' in places that can hold 50 people because cover bands are preferred. Can you help us???

Who would you love to tour with? Just let your imagination wander...

A part from Britney Spears, we can say all the bands we cited before... But I think playing with Dream Theater is our biggest dream.

The website is in Italian, why no English version? I know you do have a MySpace, but MySpace is limiting you…. Any plans to do an English version of the website?

Yes, of course. The new website is under construction and soon it will be in English and there will be many pages from which texts, images and songs can be downloaded.

What's on your schedule for the rest of 2010?

The rhythm section is getting married (not to each other). But a part from this 'inconvenience' we'll start in September to write a new album with a surprise in the line-up...

Sounds like this is just the beginning... And hopefully someone will bring the band on tour and so introduce them to a larger number of fans!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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