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In Words: Doro

- Doro Pesch - February 1995 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Doro Pesch - June 1998 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Doro Pesch - January 2002 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Doro Pesch @Verviers
©Claudia Ehrhardt

Doro Pesch - Verviers (Belgium) - Jan., 2nd 2002 -

This is an unusual interview, coz there ain't a new release or tour. Doro is just doing a handful of shows. Beside that I know her for a long time. I joined Warlock in December 1985 during the Hellbound tour and we met quite often since. This is more a chit-chat between friends than a typical interview. So, we sat at the dressing room at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers and talked about this and that.

You are now playing a few shows, but you are working on the new album. Already finished?

Not really, but not much left.

Last August you already did some stuff in Düsseldorf, you home town...

We did the pre-production in Düsseldorf. The 'real' production we did in the States. We thought it would be nice to do a few shows. Just to have fun and so we are doing two shows in Spain and on New Years Eve we played in Switzerland.

In Pratteln at the Z7!

Right, it was really amazing!

Definitely a great way to welcome the new year! For fans and the band!

Absolutely, there we played some of the new tracks for the very first time...

Does that mean that we will hear some new songs tonight?

Right, the two tracks we played there worked out very well. We do have a helluva songs and we haven't decided yet which we will put on the album. But the ones we play live will make it, I guess. One of these is dedicated to Regina Halmich. It's a Fight song and I think it would fit. Regina is a friend of mine for years and last Christmas she called me to say 'hi' and to wish me well. Two days ago I called her and told her about a track we are working on and which we will dedicate to her. She was really surprised and happy! I think we will do something together, perhaps before a championship title fight... Or something like that!

In the past you supported Rheinfire musically.

I like to do that kind of things.

So, people listen to your music which usually won't....

Right, but that's not my motiva­tion!

But I think it's something special. Not the usual concert atmosphere... Like when you played at the stadium before the Rheinfire game.

It was unbelievable! We did it not just in Germany, also in Spain and other countries. It was amazing, partly there were 60,000 people!

It's a totally different scenery... Playing in a stadium. At festivals you play in front of a big crowd, but that might be a different thing... There you were standing in the middle of the field surrounded by thousands of football fans. I guess you were nervous...

Right, it makes you nervous to stand alone in the middle of the field. You look up... A different dimension, but it was a lot of fun! Later they ask me`, if I might can write a kind of anthem for them. I agreed and when we started writing songs for Calling The Wild we came up with Burn It Up. I liked it a lot and wanted to have it on the album. It was pretty successful, I think....

Today it's the opposite, you are playing in a small club which is a little unusual for you here in Europe...

Right, but it's always a great experience and absolutely amazing. Doesn't matter where we play. On our last tour we didn't play Belgium and so we thought it's a nice idea.

This club which is a small one, has a great atmosphere.

Totally! A great atmosphere!

I recognized it when I came here the first time to see American Rock Live and they felt the same way.

Absolutely right! I heard that the fans are really great here? Going wild?

Whenever I was here it was fantastic!

Cool! I'm looking forward!

Whenever I saw a band in Germany and at the same tour in Holland and / or Belgium, the fan reaction here was better than in Germany!

Really? We once played in Vosselaar.....

At the Biebob!

That was unbelievable! A great crowd!

Pretty often the crowd in the small clubs is more enthusiastic, but you don't play them that often these days.

That's right, but actually I don't care where we play.

I think it's more important to you to play anyway.

Right, to play for the fans! I recognized that heavy music is becoming more popular these days. That's cool!

Even in hard rock and rock... It's getting more melodic.


....But with a certain heaviness.

For several years it was almost impossible to play outside Germany. To tour with Calling The Wild was the longest tour we did in the last couple of years.

I remember when you toured Hellbound Pt. 2 in Germany you played about 17 shows! But that's a long time ago! And today almost impossible.

Really a long time ago.... I can't even remember it easily.

You just did one show outside Germany. In Switzerland....

Really? It's possible....

You saw the change of the metal scene, coz you are part of it. Now it's coming back!

Yes, also in America! For us it always been pretty okay.

You kept it on a certain level...

I could always count on my fans!

You do have really loyal fans!

Yeah, they are really loyal!!!!

And they follow you everywhere....

Right, I think a few came several hundred kilometers for tonight's show.... I think from the Eastern parts of Germany.... That's great!!!

Today a friend from Nuremberg is with us. And another friend would like to have something signed....

No prob! You know, I always sign all the stuff fans bring!

Right, it doesn't matter what they bring! ;-)


Even the big display....

The one from Triumph & Agony! That's something label don't do anymore these days!

These days we have CDs and the booklets where the artwork isn't working out as good as on the covers for vinyl.

Right, with the last album our label SPV did a double vinyl with pictures and also this limited edition. That was a little bit back to how it was in our early days. Really nice!

The limited edition was in a box with a kind of snake leather-look. Looks pretty cool!

I agree and the fans want that kind of things. They love it!

That's the difference to the major labels, but you made your experiences....

Right, they didn't understand and they didn't had the love for it. They haven't been dedicated.

It's a pity, coz you give so much for it!

Especially with one album we did... With Love Me In Black! We worked on that album almost 3 years! Daily! And they just did a so/so-job. That was... Anyway.

Is there a working title for the new album?

I had a few working titles, but with the terroristic attacks of September 11th everything changed! One was Go For The Kill, but that one I immediately kicked off the list. I think it wouldn't been a good idea to keep that one. One of my favorite songs is a ballad which is somewhere between Für Immer and Fall For Me Again. It's called Undying I wrote it for all the people who had to face loss....

Doesn't matter where and how...

Exactly, it's a beautiful track. I first thought that could be the album title... But now we do have a lot of heavy tracks and so it might be Fight.... I really don't know...

Fight can have a positive meaning, not just negative...

Absolutely! Beside that we have two tracks... One is Fight By Your Side and is a wonderful ballad against war. Listen to it and you'll have tears in your eyes! The other one is Fight / Gather My Forces and might be for Regine. It's a really heavy tune! That one we'll play tonight! But it has a positive message.

Aggression not necessarily has to be negative!

Right, and I think that Go For The Kill would have worked out, the Americans use this term. They don't take it literally. But I think it won't fit now. We do have a same named song, but I don't know if it will end up on the album

There are possible other ways to use it..... As a single or bonus track...

Right, beside that I usually make up my mind about two weeks before we have to deliver the album. Or we do the photo session and when I see the results, I change my mind. Perhaps we will have a painted artwork for the limited edition... We will see. Perhaps one title will fit more to the photos than another... Usually it's changing just before we have to hand the stuff to the label. I experienced that several times....

Another unusual thing you did was the show in Düsseldorf at the Tonhalle where you played with an orchestra. How came? Just a limited number of people could see. So, we you do something like that again? Or was it a unique thing?

I think it was pretty unique. But the conductor Gottfried Engels is a really nice guy and he did a lot to make it happen. If we do it again? Perhaps in Hungary... Or Brazil.... We have someone in Brazil....

In Brazil it would be a happening, a real event!

The guy who arranged it, Leandro Braga, he came from Brazil to Germany, coz we couldn't find anyone to do it here in Germany. To combine heavy metal and classic, to do it with an orchestra is really difficult!

Peavy said that when they did the Lingua Mortis thing.

Classic has a different groove. It ain't the rock'n'roll groove. But then we found Leandro!
It was crazy and difficult to realize! We couldn't found a local promoter to organize it. Nobody wanted to do it, not with a symphonic orchestra which are about 60 people. That costs a lot of money, beside that the costs for promotion and the costs for the venue. Luckily the people from Rheinfire wanted it and so they jumped in!

That's cool! I guess most people don't know that! But it's great that in reverse they supported you.

Absolutely great! They just said 'We do it!' and then we rehearsed a few times. Not that much, but it was great!

I guess, you were pretty nervous, right?

Absolutely! And this 60 people who play different stuff each. The re-arranged songs sounded so different that I initially didn't recognized which they were playing! It was really hard to have the right timing! There we didn't have drums or a 'real' rhythm section. It was a challenge, an adventure! But the songs sounded great, really beautiful! All the stringed instruments and the keyboards.... It was amazing! Totally different! Nothing to compare with!

It should be possible for every fan to hear this.

We already talked to our record company, but they are not sure, if it would be interesting for the fans. But we recorded it, anyway!

I think that the fans are interested in. You could do a kind of poll on your homepage where the fans could vote for.

SPV are already nerv-wrecked, coz some many requested it! The fans who were there, loved it and we had some 30 sec. sound clips on the page.

I think it would sell very well.

I thought about putting 2 or 3 songs on the limited edition. It's recorded, but not mixed yet.

Which is relatively easy to realize.

But it takes time.

For sure, but you have the recordings and so there is a chance to do it! It would be a pity, if there wasn't any recordings.

The crowd was amazing! Enthusiastic... It was a totally different thing, but amazing!

There are a few recordings with orchestras, but it's always sounding differently. No matter if it's Rage or Metallica....

A few songs got a certain kick.

Certain songs get a certain magic.

Right, for example a track which we haven't done live for years is Live It. It's a track from True At Heart, a decent song, but nothing special. That song was one of the highlights of that night! I never expected that! I really hope that the recordings will be released and if the fans help us to convince the label....

I'm pretty sure that the fans would bomb SPV with emails...

SPV soon will be fed up... It's to wait and see.... It was an event!

Remembering the shows with Van Halen, even if just one took place. In Hamburg you were supposed to do a few songs acoustic after the show at the Headbangers Ballroom. That was something different as well and the fans love it!.

It was my birthday!

Actually it was planned to do just 2 or 3 songs and than you played Burning The Witches by request. It wasn't that easy to do acoustically.

That was the first time ever we did it acoustically. It was great!

Perhaps you should do something like that... Acoustic shows.

We do that on promotion trips. There we also do signing sessions and then we play an acoustic set. Actually it's Joe and me. It always got a great response.

But at the Headbangers it was special!.

That kind of experiences are always something special, even after doing it for years. That day especially, coz it was my birthday. These days it's even more important to have that kind of experiences.

Which leads us to September, 11th! You moved to New York years ago. How do you experienced that tragedy? You were in Ger­many....

I live there since 1986 and I still love to live there. But I still love Düsseldorf!

For sure, it's your hometown.

When we recorded Love Me In Black, I lived for 3 years opposite to the World Trade Center. That part of town is called Battery Park City and my apartment was directly opposite to the World Trade Center. Every day on my way to the studio I was at the WTC to have a coffee or for shopping. When I was in NYC at least I visited Ground Zero. I was there twice and I was shocked... Speechless for hours! The building I lived in is still there, but might collapse... It was really depressing to see it and to see all the photos, letters and flowers.

It's touching to see on TV, but in reality it's different.

Right, it's much bigger! I was here in Germany when it happened and wanted to fly over a week later, but all flights were cancelt. It's a lot bigger when you face it personally and you can still smell the fires. It's still moving to see it. It's impressing and I had tears in my eyes!

In Germany you took part on a benefit single.

Michael Voss called me up the day after and we talked about it. We both thought that we as musicians, even here in Germany, should do something. To show we care. And everybody joined us! I think that we did something beautiful, I just heard it once... But the reason to do it and that everybody supported it, make it something special.

Most of the participants are part of the scene for a long time. You know each other and that makes it easier to realize.

Vossi said that in the beginning no label was interested.

Okay, but from the musicians side it was easy to do..

Sure, and that's why we met at the Demon Drive show in Düsseldorf. I told Vossi that I'll try to promote it in the States as much as I can. I handed the single to some radio stations, they liked it, but couldn't believe that German musicians gathered to do a benefit single for the victims of the terroristic attacks. It was hard to believe for them that the whole world feel for the Americans.

Many nations were affected due to the fact that they had offices at WTC and also the passengers at the airliners.

Right, the Americans were positively shocked that the whole world showed sympathy and were mourning with them.

But isn't it great that in a time were everything become more and more cool. Where coldness kinda rules the industrial world.

Yes, New York had changed since. When I was in NYC the last time, I could feel love. There is love all around. The little things changed like someone keeps the door open for you which nobody did before. Everything changed, you can feel that it's a community now.
Everything changed, everywhere... These days I live for the moment and life became more precious to me.

I think the terroristic attacks changed everything, everybody, everywhere. Doesn't matter if you were affected personally or just saw it on TV. The feeling of being part of a community Doro described we all know more or less from the metal scene. That is something Doro experienced in the past several times and that's what keep us dedicated to this music even if we get older. This won't be my last talk with Doro, even if this one was got stopped abruptly, coz it was time for dinner. For sure we will have another chit-chat when the next album will get in the stores or during the festival season... At least if there are any news to tell from Doro and band, I'll let you know. I promise!

Claudia Ehrhardt

Doro Pesch @Headbanger's Ballroom, Hamburg
©Claudia Ehrhardt

Doro Pesch - Hamburg (Germany) - June, 3rd 1998 -


A lot of metal fans hate Doro for what she should have done in the past and disliked her music, but Love Me In Black convinced a lot of them and the fans love her anyway. I met Doro on her birthday to talk about the album, but in the end we talked more about the past and less about the album.

Your new album is released and it's called Love Me In Black, please tell me about the title. In my opinion it's not a typical album title.

It's one of my favourite songs on the album and yesterday we played it for the first time life. I like this song a lot and live it's more intense. Our first idea for the album title was Brutal And Effective, for the last two years this was our choice for the album title. In the last moment I decided that Brutal And Effective is much to hard and that the album shows a lot more variety and emotions. Beside the hard songs there are a lot softer ones and a ballad.
Spontaneously I decided that Love Me In Black is better and it fits better to the whole album. It fits better to the darker side, the ballads are very dark, dark love stories.

I like it a lot and I think also the cover artwork and the photos for the ads are great and fit perfectly to the album title.

It wasn't planned, it ended out that way, all in black and white. First we made a photo session and then it turned out in this direc­tion.

These days it's something special, 'cause everything is in colour.

Yes, and it's much deeper, more intense. I remember one album cover, the True At Heart cover, I wanted the loveliest sundown, all blue and we went down to Nice. We flown from Nashville to Nice and it was pretty expensive and we been somewhere near Nice. We needed a special permission to work there and it was really stress. The photographer, the crew and everyone else, we climbed into the coastal rocks, we made the photos. Later I saw the photos and they were okay. I liked them, but I wasn't pretty enthusiastic about them. Back in Nashville I showed the photos our art director and he told me that I should come back two weeks later. He made some layouts and used my favorite shots and he showed them. I liked them, they were pretty cool, but nothing sensational. A beautiful sundown and my manager told me that the eye contact is pretty important. We had to find an agreement, okay. Then he told us that he made one for himself and he didn't wanted to show us. I wanted to see it and he said that it is black and white and it isn't obvious where it was taken. Then he showed us and I was "Wow". That was the perfect cover.

Sometimes things just happen.

Yeah, exactly. Sometimes it's fate. At the end it was the artwork which presented the album best.

For me it looks like in your whole career again and again things just happen or turned out in a different way as they were planned.

Yes and no, I mean, there are no incidents! I think ... I don't know how to explain.

The great master plan?

I don't know if it's planned, but I think it's no incident and it's significant.

I don't mean that everything, every step is planned, but there is a way. There are a lot of things which can't be planned. But the way you have to go, the direction is accidental.

I know what you mean and it's hard to explain, but I agree there is a kind of providence. I think you have to keep yourself open-minded. Let the energy flow, try to make something positive out of everything. And don't try to stop the things that happen, even if your planned it different. That's important, not just in case of an album cover or an album title.

I think that's very important in your work, the spontanity. If something happen and it turned out pretty good, you don't follow your initial idea.

These days I nearly make no plans at all. I start somewhere and let it flow.

That developed through the years. In the first days with Warlock, I think, everything was planned.

That wasn't good in any case.

And that you learnt that the spontaneous way of dealing with stuff is the better way for you.

Exactly. Things develop like friendships develop. In the early days the producer was chosen and the studio and we had no choice. Everything was planned. With Warlock we always been in Munich in a studio and we hate it. I mean I hate it and I think the rest of the band hate it, too. The demos we made in our rehearsal room in our tiny studio were a lot better and more the way we were. Then we went into the studio and a lot of this energy, roughness, etc. got lost. The album I think of been mixed by a very known producer in the States. He was huge in that days, I don't want to name him, but after the mix ... We wasn't allowed to be there during the mixing and when we heart the album in the final mix we dislike it. We were very unhappy with the album. Surely the fans recognized it and later I never played these songs live. It was the True As Steel album. I can just remember playing that songs at the True As Steel tour, never again. The songs wasn't bad, but the way everything turned out make us feel uncomfortable playing them. The songs were over produced, we had stress with each other and that was the beginning.

Sure, the bad feelings, the remembrance been transported and the fans feel that you're not hot playing them. Even if you have a lot of very loyal fans from the days with Warlock. These fans want to hear the old stuff.

Yeah, yesterday at our first show I saw a few of them.

Your first tour was in 1984, 14 years ago.

Right, I think I started 17 years ago and the first tour, you are right, it's been 14 years ago.

The Hellbound tour, part 1 and part 2, been in 1985. The years before that you played a few club shows, a very small tour. The Burning The Witches tour, that was 1984!

That's a long time.

And you are one of the few who survived for so many years. Beside that you are one of the very few female artists.

Even now there are just a few in this scene and I still don't know why. I mean, it's so much fun.

Perhaps because it's much harder for a girl or a woman to survive in this business. I think that through your illness in the early 80's you decided to fight. To fight for your goals.

Every day is fighting.

I mean, that could be what the girls take fright for. To fight and especially in the metal scene you have to fight.

I don't think that it's link to your gender. Everyone has to fight in this business, man and women. A lot of the boys I worked with in the passed quit, because they don't wanted to fight any;more.

Warlock started as a national band and soon got international attention and success. After a while the band became more international and now you are the only German. That had to do with the way of working, right?

At that time there wasn't a lot good musicians in Germany. When we made an audition in that days there been 2 or 3 and if they were good musicians, personally it doesn't fit or the other way around. In America, in New York we just told someone we were looking for new members, e.g. a new drummer and the next day about hundred showed up! More than 50% been okay and 10 been really great. I remember when Rudi (Graf, the editor) had left. That wasn't our decision!

I know that a lot of things which happened in the past been misunderstood and that a lot of people thought and still think that all this been your decisions! They blame you for things which haven't been under your control.

Yes, it's out of your hands, if the media say or write something, if it's right or wrong, it has so much power. That was really frustrating for me and I was really down, because it wasn't that way. Rudy was fired without anyone of the band was involved. We didn't want that he was fired. Personally for me this was the beginning of the end.

Doro had a lot more to tell. We talked about the past and these days, but more of this later!

Claudia Ehrhardt

Doro Pesch: live 1995
© Claudia Ehrhardt

Doro Pesch - Hamburg (Germany) - February 1995 -


I met Doro during her promotion trip for Machine II Machine. Doro's past is known by every metal fan in Germany, coz she's Germany's no. 1 metal queen. In 1994 Doro got the German Echo award for being most successful nation singer! The Echo award is nothing a jury is voting for, it's an award from the record industry for the artist who sold most copies in the specific category. But now we talked about the new album. Doro explains: "The first tracks are Tie Me Up, Machine II Machine and Ceremony. For me this is a new musical direction, new sounds... More industrial like, with a different groove. Lyrically they are more erotically than in the past. That's something I never did in the past, but the different sound kinda motivates me to give it a try. One of my favorite tracks is a German song called In Freiheit stirbt mein Herz. We wrote that song with a very well-known guitarist. I known him from his time in the David Bowie band. Earl Slick played on the David Bowie live album, but did a lot other stuff as well. Earl is a cool guy, he looks like a black hairy version of Bowie! I always liked him and so did our producer Jack Ponti. One day I told Jack about and he said that Slick is also one of his heroes! So we called Earl in L.A. and ask him, if he would like to join us. He came over and showed up at the studio and we started jamming. Everybody was relaxed and then it just happened. Chords came up and Jack liked them, he picked up what he liked and then Jack came up with some cool choruses. Usually I was going home with some basic chords or riffs or a groove and tried to find the right melody. It was the same with this one. Jack told met that the next day I had to record the vocals for it. Just one night, not very much to work out the words... It can be hell! Sometimes the words come spontaneously, sometimes it takes time... Then these words came up.... But in German! I tried hard to do it in English, but I couldn't get a grip on it. The German words came from deep inside. When I arrived at the studio the next day, everybody was hot to hear the lyrics. So, I told them the story and they ask 'what's the title?' I replied 'In Freiheit stirbt mein Herz'. Everybody was like 'are you crazy?'. I told them that the fans love this kind of songs and that I had German songs on previous releases which the fans outside Germany loved as well. The boys in the band convinced me to do an English version for the international release. So, Jack wrote the English version and I tried really hard to sing it as emotional as the German one, but the magic of the song was gone! The German lyrics had a certain magic and finally even the Americans wanted the German version for the international release." Most fans don't care, if the lyrics are English or German, coz they don't speak that language. They rely on the vocal lines to get the emotions and the feeling. Doro agrees. "For the Americans the States have priority and Europe doesn't count!" But the German and the Japanese markets are important for us and for every other German act. But every country is interesting and important! "We get a lot of mail from Russia for example. Again and again I try to get some CDs and shirts for the Russian fans. Unfortunately the mail is not very reliable and things get lost. Hope that we soon find a possibility to make our music etc. available there. Please tell the people to keep writing, coz we won't loose contact to our fans!!!
When we came to Nashville where we recorded, we met a Russian band there. They made contact to a Russian promoter, but that didn't work out. Really, we would love to play in Russia! And we promise to keep trying! We were supposed to play in Poland, but the sponsor cancelt and so we had no chance to play there! I don't care, if we make money, I want to play for my fans!
That was one reason why we had so many line-up changes. The ones who left just did it for the money! And were never satisfied, always requested a better nightliner, a better hotel, etc. Music wasn't the main reason for them to do it. There are always ups and downs. They shouldn't expect the same luxury life style in tough times. I'm used to it for years and it makes no big difference for me. You never know what the future holds for you." For several years her band is names Doro, but even Warlock had American members at the end. These days she's just working with Americans. "It just happened! About 9 years ago I moved to the States. I wanted to experience my English and wanted to broaden my mind. I learnt a lot about American and learnt to love it as well. I had to get more experienced as a musician and in the States they are much more professional then here in Germany for example. At that time I was looking for new band members. I did auditions here in Germany and two might show up! One hadn't the skills and the other didn't fit as a person. When you do auditions in the States a hundred musicians show up! Everyone talented, nice and sympathetic! They are ready to do anything, just to make it! I was shocked, positively shocked! The scene is a lot bigger than here." At that time the German music scene was tiny. There were the Scorpions, Accept, Sinner, Warlock, etc. Today the scene is a lot bigger, perhaps Warlock were the ones who started this wave of German acts.... Beside Accept and The Scorpions they were the first German metal act which had international success. "It would be cool, if we would have inspired one or the other to start making music. Mostly it was luck and coincidence that we were successful. As soon we got used to it and then it was over." During the last years the lyrics became more and more important to Doro. Is there a song with a special meaning to her? "Yes, but in different ways. In the beginning , at times of True At Heart there were love songs with deep emotions. Some lyrics were political like Bad Blood. But that was unusual. On this album are a few songs which lyrics are important to me. Perhaps not that obvious, but which gives the song a certain atmosphere... Magic.... Machine II Machine or Want where the words fit into the groove and the message is not political, but erotically and deep. Easy to understand by every;one who listens to. At Are They Coming For Me the music ain't that important, but lyrically it kinda continues Bad Blood. The idea I had 5 years ago. A black woman recited a poem at an award event. It started nicely, harmless... Kinda 'We heard that once it happened in a coun;try far away, where people been taken away, disappeared. That was something bad, but what can we do? As a single person you can't do anything.' And when the poem continues it came closer to her little by little. Then people in her own country disappeared and never came back, 'but what can we do? A single person can't do anything.' Later friends disappeared and family members followed. 'What could she do? She turned a blind eye!' Then it happened to her, 'but what could have been done?!?' That poem deeply touched me, it was so intense. I felt that I have to make a song about this and perhaps a few listeners will think about it! I kinda experienced that personally. It happened before I started making music. I was seriously ill and was in hospital for a long, long time.... In the beginning friends visited me, but sooner or later they didn't returned. Nobody wanted to help me through that period, perhaps they had a bad conscience, but they no longer came to visit me. Some were friends for years and then seemed not to know me anymore. Kinda the same subject...." A video clip was filmed in Munich.... "Right, for Ceremony! But for the remix of the Krupps! I really like that version. Sometimes I even prefer that one to the original, depending on the mood I'm in. The video was a little too brutal and so we had to make changes. Only sequences of doing piercings, tattoos and brandings... Sexy without showing.... A woman in a bikini is nothing special, but the way we did this one is really erotic! A very cool video clip! We should send this over to Russia!!!" This fall Doro and her band will tour in Europe and she hopes to play wherever her fans are. Boarders as well as limits are there to be crossed! That's the way Doro is living her life!

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