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In Words: Doomshine

- Doomshine - Nov. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt & Lars Bjørn -

© Doomshine

Doomshine - November 1st 2010 (by email)

Doomshine just came back with a new album and it's been 6 long years of waiting for their fans. Reason enough to talk to the guys and learn about what happened - and what their future plans.

After a break of 6 years, without a CD, was it difficult to get inspiration for this new wonderful album you have just release?

First of all I have to say sorry for letting you wait that long... Honestly, I almost overlooked your questions, sorry, sorry sorry!! Actually... to answer your question now... we didn't really had to get inspired because the songs were written between 2004 and 2006! We were very slow when we started the recordings and we went slower and slower as we did the mixing and the cover artwork. From that point of view we are true doomheads, haha.

Who had the idea for the album title which seems to be a variation of Pink Floyd's The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn?

Me! And I'm very proud of this idea. Actually it was the only idea everyone in Doomshine really liked, haha. Don't ask for the other two hundred suggestions I've made. It's really hard to satisfy these bloody bastards from Doomshine, haha.

As far as I know it was recorded years ago... Or at least you started recording long ago, so why did it took so long to get the album out?

Damn, you know too much. Erm, yeah, it's because we're so lazy and there's no one who kicks our asses. To defend ourselves I have to say that this is a real selfmade album like our debut. And then we have jobs, children, family. Life goes fast and if you have doom in your soul life's too fast definitely.

How was the work process? How was it to prepare songs for the album The Piper At The Gates Of Doom?

Can't remember, haha. But I know it was fun. And I can't wait to write new songs finally.

Did everything go as planned when you recorded the new album, or was there any surprises?

The hard thing for our bass player Carsten, who produced the album, was to find the right sound. But at the end he found the real thing. It took many days and sometimes I was a bit frightened if Carsten will mutate to a kind of a mad professor. And actually he did... but that's another story.

How do you write the songs? All of you together? Or only one or two of you?

We always create the songs in team work. It's really good old classic rehearsal room working. Someone has an idea, a riff or whatever and then we try to build a song. I can't remember if one of us ever had a complete song in mind, I don't think so...

Please tell us a bit about the lyrics! And what inspires you!

The world is inspiration! The whole album is about the relationship between mankind and planet earth. About the cruelty, the senselessness of wars, about life, death and religion. Life gives me inspiration for another hundred Doomshine albums but honestly... I hope there will be a third one at all, haha...

You have a tune called Waltzhalla... Should the International Criminal Court advice accused war mongers their final destination? And doom them to listen to your track while awaiting their journey to Waltzhalla?

Exactly, you've got it! These are cynical lyrics and for some people it may sound kind of funny at first sight. But there are very serious thoughts and all the war mongers as you named them gets a punch in their faces. It's a song about reflection of their yesterdays and the rather naive wish to get them all together to a place called 'Waltzhalla' after their deaths. A place where they get confronted with their crimes to suffer with their bad consciences.

Do you have other ways to express your ideas than music? Because your style is fantasy, and epic tales etc....

Oh, it isn't fantasy, unfortunately not. It's the real world. We only use our music and lyrics to reflect that. And we keep it secret so people believe it's fantasy, haha.

Have you already ideas about themes in a new record, and if so what would it be like?

I know four or five song titles and I have some riffs and ideas. But very rough... and no one except of me listened to these ideas, haha. So, actually we have nothing at the moment...

I guess as for many Black Sabbath was also an influence for you... Many musicians talked about their experiences after Ronnie James Dio passed away, some organized some live tribute show. Others have recorded a cover or plan to. What about you? Do you have any specific memory of RJD? Have you considered to pay tribute to him somehow?

Not in a musical way until now. But we always think about Ronnie and his music. He's always there and a huge inspiration for us. He was more than just a singer, he had the magic, an indescribable power and when he started to sing it was different somehow. Me and my girlfriend had a very strange experience back in 2005. Maybe it just was nothing, but maybe it was pure magic. We were on the way by car to a Dio concert when he was intended to play the whole Holy Diver album. We were listening to Rainbow In The Dark as during the song the clouds were getting darker, the sun shone behind us and then there was one of the brightest rainbows I've ever seen. That's the truth and probably it was just the weather, but I wish it was not.

Is it still possible to get stuff from your time with Sonic Age Records?

Okay... strange question. I don't know who Sonic Age Records is, haha.

(Looks like the information I got was wrong... - editor)

How was it to play Doom Shall Rise? And which band(s) at Doom Shall Rise impressed you most? What was the highlight for you?

It was a really cool weekend and it was very special for us to perform our song Where Nothing Hurts But Solitude with Leo from Forsaken on vocals. There were a lot of great bands this year, but to me the best two bands were Nomad Son and Rituals Of The Oak. Nomad Son have some special magic and real power and their version from Trouble's At The End Of My Daze was just awesome. And Rituals Of The Oak are so pure and they have their singer with that wonderful melodic strong voice. Like the female version of Robert Lowe. Fantastic!

Any plans for a bigger concert tour this year? Or what are your plans?

The most boring answer you could get is that we don't have big plans at the moment, but that's the truth. Our drummer's wife is advanced in pregnancy and we just wait to say hello to our next Doomshine baby. I think there will be some gigs next year and we're looking forward to start writing new songs for our third album which will be released in summer 2016, haha.

Thanks for answering our questions, hope to speak with you again about new projects in the future..

We have to thank you! Shine on!!!

I honestly have to say, I prefer waiting a bit and get my questions answered, then never hear about it again. So you are excused. ;)
And perhaps we don't need to wait til... whenever to hear again from Doomshine.

Claudia Ehrhardt & Lars Bjørn


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