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In Words: Dominici

- Charly Dominici - March 2007 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

- Charlie Dominici (by email) - March 2007-

When I first got the album, the name doesn't ring a bell. But sure I remember the Dream Theater debut When Day And Dream Unite, but didn't recall the name of the singer. Surely this caught my interest and I wanted to know more about Dominici. And I want to thank Charlie Dominici for taking time to answer my questions - and for being that fast!!!

Please tell us a bit about the beginning of the band Dominici! And about Part 1, coz it seems that most don’t know it...

Part One was written and recorded entirely by myself on one acoustic guitar in my home digital studio. I did it that way mainly because I had no band at the time. When I found the band in Italy, I quickly realized that we could be a real band. Everything just felt so right to work with them and they are all a great bunch of guys.

How did you come up with the story? And how did you work it out? How did you choose the title O3?

I always wondered what would happen, if a sleeper agent were placed in America and left here for too long. Would he become accustomed to the free life and the ability to acquire wealth and comfort? Would he still be willing to carry out a dreadful deed? I began to write a story about a religious fanatical group that wants man to be annihilated. They believe that man is a virus and the only way to have their union with God is to wipe man from the face of the earth. The way they go about this task is to formulate a chemical alteration of oxygen that makes a chain reaction turning all O2 into O3, a poisonous gas.

As the story is about a terrorist, how much do you fear another terrorist attack? And do you think we can really do anything to prevent this?

This story is about the ultimate terror attack. It's a fictional story about a terror attack that is on a grandiose scale. It really has nothing to do with the types of terror attacks we see today. I think we all worry about terrorism, but I don't dwell on it in my day-to-day life.

The artwork is pretty dark... Because the future is in the dark? Or what's behind it?

That's the idea! The cover is actually a really accurate illustration of the whole feeling of the story. Thomas Ewerhard did a fine job on it.

How did you get Thomas Ewerhard to do the artwork? And will he also do the artwork for Pt.3?

Thomas just took it upon himself to do an album cover after he heard the rough mixes. I was surprised at his original artwork. It was really perfect. We then worked together to add my atomic-earth logo and the final result was quite striking.

You have this 'Atomic-Earth' as a kind of logo... Will you keep it even when you are done with O3? Or is this a symbol you use only for this trilogy?

I don't know. I guess we will hang on to it for the first tour and the next and final part of the trilogy. After that, we will have to see, if it still remains relevant.

You use a lot of sound samples like the brief phone call, etc. How important are these samples for the album? For the story?

They are very important, because they help the listener understand what the songs are about and where they fit in during the telling of the story. For instance, if you did not hear the scene at the end of Greed, The Evil Seed, where the NYC police car screeches up and they arrest the guy, you might not realize that the song was actually him on a soapbox preaching to a crowd on the street in NY.

What can we expect from Part 3? I heard you already working on it...

I'm not working on it in the literal sense of the word. I'm working on it in my head, much the same way as I did with the first two.

When all 3 parts are released, do you think there is a chance to bring it on stage? Or only one special show, which will be recorded for a DVD?

Hmmmm. That gives me an idea. I think a DVD would be very cool. Actually Part One has been out for a year now and in limited supply. Anyone who wants an autographed copy can email me from our website .

Live... Could you present Pt.1 live? Any plans for some shows already?

I think, if we do any of Part One live, it will be just a couple of songs on acoustic guitar and maybe build it up to the full band kicking in as we get to Part Two and of course Part Three.

We are planning to tour Europe, if we can, but for now I have been concentrating on moving myself over there to be closer to my band.

This shed a little light on Dominici and I hope we hear more about them soon and that they will have the chance to present O3 live on stage.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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