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In Words: Deliverance

- Jimmy P. Brown II / Peter Braun - Dec. 2008 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Deliverance / Jimmy P. Brown II vs. Jupiter IV / Peter Braun
- December 20th 2008 (by email) -

Jimmy, what made you start Deliverance again?

Well, I didn't really. Deliverance will always be a past revisited from time to time for me. I have no interest in trying to revive it. There are times I miss the aggression of the heavy music, so I call some of the many members I have played with and ask them to record an album with me. We do a few shows here and there, but again not really looking to revive it. It is mostly for fun!

In 2007 there was a new album released, but also some re-releases. How did this start, was there a request for the re-releases and that get you going again?

Matt Hunt and Retroactive Records and I have talked about re-releases for many years. So, those were just a natural course for us. The new material was something I wanted to do for the moment.

Was it any different to write / record with Deliverance now, years later?

The biggest difference is time. When 'D' was full time, we were able to block a studio for 2-3 months and record. This was VERY difficult because all the members live hundreds of kilometers from me. So this made for a challenge. The record took almost six months to record because of this. It was difficult and made for a very un-pleasant experience.

Why do you choose River Disturbance for the re-release? And how the bonus tracks?

River Disturbance will ALWAYS be my favorite of the 'D' releases. It holds a special place in my heart. The year, the topics, the lyrics, the musicians, my last recording with Terry Taylor, etc… I felt it was my most moving record emotionally speaking. Even if it only moved me… ;)

The re-release has a different cover. Who had the idea for the new artwork?

Matt works with several people. That was the concept I liked best for it… I thought it was fresh, but maintained the theme of the record nicely...

Peter, please tell us, how Jupiter VI started! And how did you come up with the space-thingy?

Hallo! Wie Gatz... Jupiter VI started simply as a concept theatrical band. I began writing and am still writing a book called Back From Mars that in very loose fictional terms is the story of my musical life with Deliverance. Then as that progressed, I wanted to record songs to go along with the release of the book. But, since the songs came first, and the book still being written, that is how Jupiter VI came about...

Why did you choose the name Jupiter VI? Why not Himalia?

Well, in the story, the spaceship that the band rides in is named after a favorite keyboard of mine called Jupiter VI... Otherwise, Himalia would’ve been wonderful...

Back From Mars was initially released in 2006, but just got released in Europe. Why did it take 2 years to get it out here?

Not sure... I intentionally recorded the music with the European Market in mind. I do not have much respect for the American music scene. It is all based on looks and videos, not music and art… I think that Retro is starting to break into the European market, so that is why it took a while... The new CD is already done called A Message From Home... But will more than likely not be released until mid 2009...

Who had the idea to do a German version of Back From Mars for the European release? And did you get any reactions from your fans about it?

In the story of Back From Mars, the band’s original members are from Germany. But, when they reach the Planet Mars, they find that the language of the beings there is very similar to German. In the capitol city of Lucidia, they received a faint transmission from Earth years ago and all they were able to decipher was 'I proclaim the Games of Berlin, celebrating the eleventh Olympiad of the modern era, to be open.' So, the Lucidian's liked the sound of the language and introduced a great part of it into their own vernacular...

Was it difficult for you to sing German?

Part of what made it difficult was knowing that I was singing in a terrible grammar manner. You see, I am really singing in Lucidian according to the story. So that is why it doesn’t make a lot of sense. I love the language though, and have spoken very little of it with my Father and Grandfather… Both are from Munchen...

Jimmy, what about Fearful Symmetry? Anything your fans can expect from that band project?

Fearful Symmetry has been on hold for a long while now… I may begin 2009 with a new project… Not sure, but it will be electronic in nature...

Both bands linked to the Christian rock / metal scene. How important is it to wear your belief on your sleeve?

FS was linked from the beginning… But, Jupiter VI should not be... It is NOT a Christian project… I think it is important to believe without forcing it down people's throat… People came to Jesus, not Jesus going to force Himself on people... I think modern day Christianity has it all wrong… Just my opinion...

It seems that Christian bands often get not as much support by media as others, but the Christian music fans are very loyal. Do you think you had to work harder to get attention?

I am really not sure... I think any market now in these times is hard to get attention in...

What is your opinion on creationists try to ban Darwin's evolution theory in schools? Do you think they take the bible too literally?

You can't have one without the other! So to eliminate one to try to enforce one’s own beliefs in order to decry another is illogical... There is no light without the dark. Balance is essential...

Do you think that we all should be more tolerant about each others beliefs?

I think us, as Human Beings have forgotten how to love each other... Too much hatred for what we don't understand... Too many people that want to rule and not follow... It is a shame. I refuse to take part in this kind of ignorance...

What about new songs? Will there soon be something new for the fans?

2009 will see the releases of: Jupiter VIA Message From Home, a new project called Slaves Of A Nameless God, and hopefully the long awaited N*o*N by Fearful Symmetry...

Any live shows are planned?

Believe it or not, I have been saying this for a while, but I am sticking to it now. I will not play live for ANY of my projects including Deliverance unless we are going out of the country! I particularly want to go to Germany and Norway... But I doubt I will do anything here live in the states.

What's on your schedule for 2009?

Just recording... Unless Europe calls for some shows... ;)

Sounds that there is a lot to come next year. So keep your eyes and ears open!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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