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In Words: Degradead

- David Szücs - May 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Anders Nyström - Feb. 2012 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© Gustaf Sandholm Andersson

Anders Nyström - February 3rd 2012 (by email)

Degradead have a DVD out, time to talk to the Swedish again. Thanks to guitarist Anders Nyström for answering my questions!

Your DVD Live At Wacken And Beyond just got in stores... How does it feel to have the DVD out?

It feels really great! It's a new step forward and we hope that our fans will appreciate it. It's also nice for us to have, to reflect on the past to see where we've been and where we're heading.

Some might criticize you for a DVD release as it has 'only' the Wacken live show and 2 video clips plus the documentation. What's your answer to that?

I think the DVD has the material that is expected, but of course it's always nice, if people want more from us... We'll be glad to give them more in the future...

When did you start working on the DVD? How long did it take to do / edit the documentary?

We started to work on it in the beginning of 2011. First of all we decided to hire a production company (11 Frames), because we knew we didn't have the time to make it ourselves... But in the meantime we had a good idea of what the DVD should contain. So we gave them a lot of our material from the past and fixed a date for us to do the interview. I would guess it took about 3-4 months to get it all done.

At the documentary you also showed some old live footage, did you debate the use? Or was it more like 'quality isn't the best, but hell it's authentic'?

No, we didn't talk about if whether or not to use it, because of the quality. I think it's always interesting to see old videos of band that I like, I actually don't really care about the quality in that case... And also we wanted to give you a hint on how we looked back then and to see the difference in what we've become today.

You have a YouTube channel you post some 'behind the scenes' stuff as well as official videos. Latest addition is a video clip for Human Nature. Did you enjoy the video shoot? Tell us a bit about it!

The video shoot was nice, we went up to Tierp, a small community North of Stockholm. We went to a pizza place called Brorsans Pizza to eat and also to wait for the sun to set, since we wanted to have a low sun in the footage. Actually the pizza place is where Degradead (or Septima as we where called back then) played there first gig in 2003.
When we arrived at the old gas station we had to check with the neighbors to see that it's ok to play our music loud. Everyone was fine with it so we started to record... I guess it must have made a big noise all over the town. At the end of the recording day we had to leave a bit early since one old man decided to call the police, if we didn't leave the area he claimed belonged to his father. So it was a hectic but fun day.

In June you'll go on tour with Sacred Reich, looking forward to hit the road with the Americans?

It's gonna be awesome! I love to tour, meet new people, see new places and have people listening to our music. Germany is maybe the biggest Metal Country in the world, so it's always nice to play there. Also looking forward to play in Switzerland for the first time.

Will you do a vlog on tour? Perhaps something of Close-up Båten to shorten the time til the tour?

We have our Degradead-TV episodes which Mikael works on frequently. We'll do it on both the Close-up Boat and on the Sacred Reich tour I'm sure.

Btw, what about the Russian shows... How was it? Will we see something from that trip?

The Russian tour was amazing, I didn't know we had so much fans over the sea. Russian metalheads can really bang their head. Unfortunately I got sick after 5 shows and had to pass 3 shows to come back at the last one in Nizhny Novgorod. But I've heard that the guys did a great job without me. I also want to thank Max Seppälä for doing a great stand-in job behind the drums instead of Kenneth that was home with his newborn baby.
There are some material out already, mostly from fans... we have some material from St. Petersburg on our last Degradead-TV episode... there will be more to come.

Have you already started working on new songs?

Yes, we have, we make music frequently. We have a dozen of songs in the writing stage already and have also recorded demos of two new song. We plan to record our fourth album later this year.

Any idea when you'll hit the studio? Same studio / producer? Or will you try another one?

Later this year... We'll see. Jonas Kjellgren is great to work with, but as a band you always have to be open to new ideas, nothing is decided yet regarding producer and studio.

When we can expect the next album?

I would say in the early/mid-2013 all depending on the process.

Beside the shows with Sacred Reich, what's on your schedule for 2012?

Right now we have Close-Up boat next, and after that Sacred Reich, since we plan to start working on our new album this year, much of our time will go to make a good pre-production and make the best album of Degradead again.

Looks like Degradead are ready to hit the road with Sacred Reich.... And it's nice to know that they keep their fans in the loop of what's going on in the band camp via YouTube - even if a new album won't be out before 2013, but as long as it's worth waiting... and so far they always delivered!

Claudia Ehrhardt


© Gustaf Sandhom Andersson

David Szücs - May 20th 2009 (by email)

The Swedish band just released their second album and as they are still not known by every metalhead, I thought it's time to shed some light on Degraded. Thanks to David Szücs for answering my questions!

You just played a few shows live. How was it to be back on stage? And how did the fans respond to the new songs?

We had great response and the fans seemed to love it, especially in Prague were they were going totally crazy.

And how satisfied are you with the turn out of the new album? And with the feedback?

I'm very satisfied with the feedback, everyone that listen to it, likes it, and we have got very good feedback in magazines and webzines so far.

What inspired you to write Out Of Body Experience? The title suggests that you are somehow into science fiction...

Well, life itself and all experiences in life is very inspiring when it comes to song writing, and when it comes to the lyrics they are all written by Mikael and they are mostly based on reality and experiences that he has made.

Your debut album was well received, did you feel under pressure when writing new songs?

We had so much inspiration after recording Til Death Do Us Apart, so afterwards we just continued writing material for the next album. And in the end of August 2008 we had lots of songs and out of those we chose the ones we liked the best for Out Of Body Experience.

Til Death Do Us Apart was recorded at IF Studios and produced by H.O.R.D.E. ... This time you recorded at a different studio and produced the album together with Jonas Kjellgren. Also the mastering was in other hands. Why this change?

It's always nice to try out new stuff, and the guys in H.O.R.D.E where busy touring. So we gave Mr. Kjellgren a call and we booked his studio for three weeks, it was very nice working with him. He's a very nice guy and he is very honest, he's not afraid to tell you if you play bad some times, so he really makes you perform the best you can all the time. Then we gave the material to Daniel Bergstrand who mixed the album really well, and then finally to 'Limpan' at Cutting Room who mastered the album. And it all turned out to be a great combination!!! The album sounds great and I really like the drum sound when Kenneth is beating the shit out of the snare drum. The guitar sound is also very powerful and so the vocals and the bass. Everything sound great and I'm very satisfied!

Is it true that some friend hooked you up with Jesper and so you got to record at IF Studios?

Yes that is true! It was really cool to record the first album with Jesper, Björn, Daniel, and Peter. I have always been a big fan of In Flames so that was like a dream that cam true We had a great time, and we learned a lot! That was really an out of body experience. :- )

When you're looking back, do you think that it was for the best that you were forced to rename the band, coz it seems that since you are Degradead things happen quickly...? Getting the album recorded, getting a deal, etc?

Yeah, it was really to the better, it was like living the garage days again and starting over, fresh and good to go.

You have a video for Wake The Storm. Why did you choose this song?

It contains all the elements of a Degradead song: heavy riffs progressive, rhythmic, a crazy black metal intro, melodic coruses, and a really heavy bridge.

Due to social networks like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter it's way easier to get / to keep in touch with your fans. Do you think it's an advantage? Or is it becoming a burden, coz everybody expects that you are 'available'?

Well, I think it is great! It's nice to get in touch with your fans and it's a god way to share your music to new people.

You just played a couple of shows outside Sweden... Are more shows to come? Or festivals this summer?

We have a Scandinavian tour coming up, 12 gigs together with Satyricon and Zonaria, it is starting out in Gothenburg now on Monday April 13 and then we are going to Denmark and Finland and then we are ending up in Umeå April 27. What happens next I don't know, keep your eyes opened on our website and on our MySpace for upcoming tour dates.

Festivals are a great chance to play in front of many metal fans, but there are more and more festivals every year... Do you think it's getting too much?

No, I like festivals! You can never have enough!

I think, music is your life, but what do you do when you take a break from it? Like relaxing after recording sessions...

We never rest, we are always up to something, and we are a hard working band! But sometimes we drink beer also. ;- ) Watch our studio diary on YouTube. Ha-ha!

Last, but not least... What's next on your schedule?

Support tour with Satyricon it will be a trip that we and the audience will never forget! And then I hope we will come to Germany! :- )

A hard working band, it seems and if they won't tour a lot, they soon will start working on new stuff... Looks like we'll soon hear more of Degredead!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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