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In Words: December Peals

- December Peals - Nov. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

December Peals
© December Peals

December Peals - November 3rd 2010 (by email)

December Peals just have a new EP called Let Go, but there is more to talk about then this EP and so I decided it's time to get some answers!

You already have some EPs and an album released, also played live a lot. Now you have a new EP called Let Go. The EP is available as a download and a hand-numbered digi-pack. Not the usually way to present an EP, so why this way?

This EP is meant to be a little 'thank you' for our fans. We just wanted to let the people decide for themselves if they just want to download our songs to their computer or ipod or whatever or if they want something physical for their 'collection of rarities'. The digipak is limited to a number of 100 hand-numbered copies, so even if this is not a vinyl single, I think it's allowed to call it a rarity.

Beside the four songs the digi-pack has the videos for Let Go and Got Taste. Many bands do the typical live videos while your video for Got Taste sticks out a bit, are more based in video art. Who had the idea for this one? And will you do more stuff like that?

Joern Westhoff is not only a very professional video artist, but also a good friend of us. He had the idea for both of our videos. We all really love his work and how he managed not only to put some fancy pictures on our songs, but to let the pictures be an enhancement to the song which takes it all to a higher level or a bigger thing. I not sure if we will do more stuff exactly like that. Even if we are not a band which is supposed to make big bucks, we always try to create something special and unique.

At Let Go video you show a narrow film camera and so it looks like you use it, why that? And where did you shoot the live footage?

Well, I love to use images and metaphors in my lyrics. With the camera, for example, we tried to do it on the visual level, as well. I always try to be not too concrete, so that everyone has the chance to find his or her own story in our songs. All scenes for the Let Go video were recorded the city of Münster, Germany. All live stuff was recorded at the Hot Jazz Club. They arrange a lot of cool jazz concerts and sessions, so you should go there and have some drinks someday. For most of the events, you don't have to pay for the entry. I bet you'll love it.

Talk To The Hand is a previously unreleased track. Was it written after the People Have Demons recording sessions? Or was it a left over?

We wrote Talk To The Hand after People Have Demons. It is one of the first songs we wrote after the album sessions.

Hypoxia is offered in an alternate version. Just toying around with the song? Or is it a version you like to do live?

We used to play the alternate version a couple of times, when we played some acoustic shows before the release of People Have Demons. I love the sound of the recording and I love the arrangement very much, so we really should play it more often.

The songs sound like they are best live... What do you do to capture the live feel when you record? Do you use the same setup live and in the studio?

The most important thing is atmosphere. No matter if you're on stage or in the recording studio: If there is a negative tension, you can't be good. So it all depends on the respect and the love everyone has to give to each other. The setup is nearly the same, but we always lend us some stuff here and there to be more multisided with the sound.

A few shows are scheduled, are you working on more live shows? Or do you already work on new songs for a follow-up of People Have Demons?

We're working on new songs, that's right. Everything works out very well.

Are you looking for a record deal before recording the next full-length? Or will it be another DIY release?

Right now, we concentrate on writing music. This decision must be made, when the record is finished. One thing is for sure: There will be a release next year. For us it's theoretically possible to make it on our own with typical D.I.Y. structures – that's what we figured out with People Have Demons. So, we'll see what the future brings...

It seems that many people compare you with Donots... And I can't say I didn't, even if I think that it's just one facet of your sound which make people compare you. Anyway, how do you feel about this?

They are awesome friends and they write awesome music. Nothing more to say. Until we are not the biggest band in the universe, people can compare us to whatever they want.

What are your plans for the rest of 2010? And what about 2011?

The Plan right now is to thank you for the interview and for the cool questions. It was big fun to answer them. After that, we concentrate on finishing the new record and in 2011, I think that we really can make it to become the biggest band in the universe. Ha, ha...

But even if they write new songs, they also play some one-off shows. And I bet that with the new album there will be a tour, so if you can't make it to a club show now, there will be a chance in 2011. So visit their homepage, sign in for the newsletter - and be sure you won't miss anything.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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