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In Words: Debauchery

- Thomas Gurrath - May 2011 - Mike Thompson -

© Debauchery

Thomas Gurrath - May 26th 2011 (by email)

Following the release of the latest Debauchery album Germany's Next Death Metal, the band embarked on a European tour. During a lull in the touring schedule the Blood God himself, Thomas Gurrath, was kind enough to answer some questions...

Hi Thomas! Congratulations on the new album, its a killer! How long did it take to write and record? Any problems?

Hey, thank you very much. It took about 3 months hard work to write and 5 days to record. But I always collect ideas right after recording the last album. So there were some ideas to begin with. This time I recorded again together with Dennis Ward as the last time, and the time before, and before. That's the 6th CD we made together. Never change a running system, so there were no problems.

The cover art and title of Germany's Next Death Metal seem to be a parody of the manufactured reality TV trash such as Germany's Next Top Model. What was it that made you want to target this facet of pop culture?

That's a misunderstanding, it's just pun, nothing more. I don't care about TV shows too much. For me its more like: we are from Germany, we play Death Metal, and we do not try do sound like other bands, we are not US or Swedish Death...we follow our own path and we play our own style – Debauchery style, German Death Metal. That's the meaning of the title.

Who is responsible for the striking cover art? You certainly know how to grab the attention!

The artwork was made by Jan Meininghaus. He has done a lot of artworks for me, like all the big ball designs, the Debauchery Death Metal Maniac, and others. His women are always perfect. Long legs, big tits and beautiful faces...hahah. He has also done one of the Bolt Thrower artworks...

The video for Death Metal Warmachine was awesome...any plans for another video?

Yes, we are right into it. But this time its a totally different thing. Its serious stuff, nothing funny. Its a video for the song Animal Holocaust.

Last year you were forced to choose between your music and your career as a student teacher. How hard was the decision? Is there anything you regret about having to leave education?

Sometimes, you just don't have a real choice.

A lot of your lyrics are based around Games Workshop's fantasy universe. How long have you been collecting and what got you interested in this hobby?

I love the monsters and the violence and the 40k Universe is something real unique. The new installation of the Horus Heresy books is amazing. I'm a fanatic for about 24 years now. My first stuff was the Hero Quest board-game and I'm still into it. They called me Tyranid Thomas when I was 15, but I've also got tons of chaos stuff, demons, warriors, beast etc.. When I've got some free time I build big demon engines and other huge monsters.

The Butcher Of Bitches miniature is fantastic. Did you sculpt it? Any plans for more Debauchery-based miniatures? The biker from the cover of Rockers And War would make an excellent model!

Yeah, cool you like it. I thought about making the biker too, but the Butcher was cheaper to produce, so I had to make the smaller miniature first. But watch out for more. Right now we are writing on our own tabletop game, based on Debauchery stuff...there will definitely come an artwork book, with background to the violent world of Debauchery.

You seem to take a lot of abuse from people who just don't think Debauchery is 'death metal' enough, who just don't understand the 'death n roll' concept. Does this ever bother you or do you just tend to ignore it?

Yes, some people are not able to get into it, Debauchery does not play death metal as other bands do. Its our own thing. Nowadays I ignore the haters, but in the beginning it was really hard. Why is there no blast beat? Why is it not complicated and progressive etc. But most of those music critics have no idea about playing an instrument anyway. They think it is difficult to write a progressive song and they will never understand it is the other way round....and Debauchery has some really fast blast beat songs and some progressive songs too. Anyway...its just music, it rocks or not. That's all. Don't make it a science.

What is your favorite Debauchery song? Which gets the best response live?

Death Metal Warmachine is my favorite, its the song about the band, but people like Blood For The Blood God most.

Will Debauchery play live in the UK anytime soon?

I hope so, but its really difficult to come to your country...

When scouting for talent for your Blood Bitches what sort of things do you look for?

Personally I think tits and a good face are enough...but right now people can decide in the internet, and they also look for the music preferences, the tattoos and the all over metalness of the girl.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! I leave the final words to the Blood God...

Check out the new CD and play it loud...Cheers

The Blood God has spoken so now obey! Get a-hold of Germany's Next Death Metal and bang your head! Meanwhile I'll be in the garden erecting an altar upon which to sacrifice some unwilling victims in the hope it will allow Debauchery to get a gig near my city!

Mike Thompson


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