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In Words: Days Of Anger

- Days Of Anger - March 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Days Of Anger
© Days Of Anger

Days Of Anger - March 10th 2011 (by email)

From Eskilstuna / Sweden a new band is trying to conquer the metal scene - Days Of Anger. The groove metal threesome just released their debut album Death Path via Massacre Records, time to learn a bit more about the Swedish!

Days Of Anger is a new band, please tell us how everything began!

Days Of Anger started out a year ago when we all felt the urge of creating a little mayhem. We started jamming together in my studio on some heavy shit and then we decided ourselves to make a fucking album.. The album was real easy to write!! All three of us knew exactly from the start, how we wanted it to sound.

Why the name Days Of Anger?

I came up with the name during a dark period in my life! A lot of brutal shit happened in life followed by pain and agony and therefore the name.

How long did the recordings take? And where did you record? How important was Pelle Saether for the final result?

The recordings was done in a couple of weeks or so, and the album was recorded in our hometown Eskilstuna by a good friend of ours called Elias Lindman.
Pelle Saether did a fucking awesome job with the album, but we produced it all by ourselves cause we knew just how we wanted it to sound.

The artwork was realized by Monowasp, but who's idea was it?

The idea for the artwork for the album came naturally when we had done all of the songs. Many of the lyrics are really dark and I wanted something that looked like it came from an Stephen King movie or something. I just came up with the idea and called my good friend Monowasp and he delivered the goods, so to speak!!!

Which song(s) represent the album best?

I think a lot of songs represent what we stand for, but songs like One Way Ticket Down and Hands Of Evil is songs that appeal to a wider crowd. Those songs has a lot of groove in themselves and we often get to hear that we are playing 'Groove Metal'!!
I am not keen in putting labels on bands and we just play whatever we wants, and what we like.

Will you do a video clip?

For sure we are going to have a video out pretty soon. Right in this moment as we speak we are talking to a few interesting people we want to work with. So stay tuned for a motherfucking video.......

You are obviously based in Bay Area thrash metal and hardcore, but there are other elements... What bands influence you?

When you was younger it was way more important that all music you listened to were supposed to be metal, but nowadays there is a lot of other stuff that influences you. It could be a harmony from a fucking pop song that you heard somewhere, or a fucking classic piano piece or whatever it could be that made an impact on you, and further down the line you create a motherfucking hardcore song from those influences.

Stone Cold Killer sticks out a bit, you go sludge with this one. Can we expect more stuff like that in future?

Ok, cool to hear that you like Stone Cold... Yeah, I mean, I think there is a lot of different styles on the songs, if you listen to them carefully that can appeal to different people with different styles. For the next album there is songs that maybe not sound like Stone Cold... But the songs 'groove' in different ways.

Did you have the chance to play live already?

We haven't had the chance to play live yet, but right now we are working on getting a booker / promoter that can arrange gigs for us.

What are your plans for 2011?

The plans for this year is as I said, to getting us a booker, and then sometime after the summer record new material for a follower to this album. And to all you heavy metal readers out there, make sure to pick up a copy of our brand new stunning killer album Death Path! Peace out!! Days Of Anger...

Looks like Days Of Anger are out to take the metal world by storm... If the fans will fall for them, only time will tell. But it sounds like they won't give up, so be prepared for Days Of Anger!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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