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In Words: Davidian

- Micha - April 2012 - Lars Bjrn -


Micha - April 10th 2012 (by email)

We were very interested to get some comments from the band Davidian after their release of the new album Our Fear Is Their Force, and how the band are planning ahead. Guitarist gladly answered our questions.

Davidian has been in the business for some time now, but please tell us about the beginning of the band? And why did you choose the name Davidian?

Hi Lars,

Micha here, guitarist from Davidian.
Back in the very beginning a couple of us went to school together, played instruments, hung out with each other all the time and so we decided, why not join together all the things we like to do and start a band.
That's what we did, and here we are today 12 years later still doing the same thing we love to do. The question about the band name we've been asked a lot for obvious reasons, but, we chose the name Davidian because it sounded/sounds cool. Not because MH was a major influence.

When did you start writing songs for the new album Our Fear Is Their Force?

It's hard to pinpoint a time when we actually started writing songs for OFITF.
I guess we started after the last album and never really stop working on new songs or rearranging the material that we've already written.

Do you write songs as a band? Or is there a main songwriter?

Alex and I do most of the songwriting and write the main riffs for the songs then we work together as a band to complete the tracks. At the very end we write the lyrics which is generally our singers job with input from us.

Have you some more details of how you got Tobi Brausch into the band as the new singer? I think he does a fantastic job on the microphone.

Thanks, we thought that too when we heard him the first time in the audition. ;)
We advertised online for a new singer and nearly right at the beginning got a call from Tobi, we listened to some audios of his voice and asked him straight away to come and meet us personally. Everything fit from the first moment and since then he's a permanent piece of Davidian.

What inspires you to write music/lyrics?

Shit that's going on in the world and shit that's going on in our lives.

By the way: what bands / artists made you start playing? And which bands / artists are you listening to these days?

I can only answer for myself of course, in the beginning it started with the big 4, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and a bit of Anthrax in general groovy thrash/death bands and these days it's bands like: The Haunted, Dew-Scented, Heaven Shall Burn and heaps of other fucking awesome shit.

How long did the recordings take? Where did you record Our Fear Is Their Force? And who produced the album?

We recorded OFITF in Denmark with Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio in Aarhus within three weeks.

Who did the artwork? And how is it tied to the album title? And please, tell us more details of what the idea is with the artwork! What it is that the poor guy gets into his mouth?

The artwork was done by Bjrn from Killustrations.
The guy on the cover has a funnel in his mouth and you can see that above there are jars with the seven deadly sins written on them. The idea behind it is that, the guy is being feed all the bad stuff / bullshit in life.
Our lyrics are in general about the things we think are bad / bullshit in real life and that people are fed that be the media, politics, religion, etc. and the title OFITF we chose to describe our fear to have our own opinion is the force of the above named organizations. So in that case you can see how it all fits together.

The style you play in, extremely raw and powerful, was that a direction you have planned from the start, or was it something that just came to you when you were writing the songs?

We don't really plan to do things a certain way from the start it's an automatic thing in the songwriting process, we play what we like and don't follow trends. We are really happy with the way the album turned out.

Will you do a video? Which songs would you like to visualize?

Yes we are doing a video, it will be made in April but the release date is not 100%. The song we're using is Fake Society.

I guess you already got some feedback. Are you satisfied so far?

We had lots of feedback, mostly positive, people seem to really like the album, we're really satisfied with the feedback so far.

What about playing live? Anything new on the way?

We've got a gig coming up with Undertow and playing at Dong Open Air this summer.
Keep an eye on our webpage ( to find out about more gigs as soon as they are confirmed.

Talking about the internet.... Social network is both a blessing and a curse. What's your opinion about it?

Yeah, on the onside your stuff reaches a large number of people and so it's a great way to spread our music on the other hand, it's a way of manipulation and doesn't have lot to do with reality. Just because you have 5,000 likes at Facebook it doesn't mean you're selling 5,000 records.

What's next on your schedule? Anything you want to add to the interview?

First off the video shoot, preparing for upcoming gigs and of course, more songwriting. Check out our new merchandise and order it online directly through us. or

Thx for the interview and for the support!
Cheers Micha & Davidian

We can only return the thanks, lovely to get such great news from Davidian, continue the good work.

Lars Bjrn


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