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In Words: Dare

- Darren Wharton - March 2002 - Anika Peterson -

Darren Wharton live 2001
© Claudia Ehrhardt

Darren Wharton (phoner) - March 2002

Actually it was planned that I should see them on tour, but I got sick and so I did a phoner with Darren Wharton. For younger fans Dare are probably nobodies, even if the band of mainman Darren Wharton released their first album in the early 90's. Darren descirbes their music as heavy rock / metal and that they try to be truthful. In the beginning they were seen as a part of the hard rock / melodic metal scene and I think that still fits. "We just like to write music and that included for us power chords and guitars!" They also don't like to be compared with other bands as Darren told me, but that's almost impossible these days. Too many bands, people can't know all bands and so to compare them gives the music fan at least an idea what to expect. Perhaps they aren't as heavy as in the beginning, but it's not their aim to he a heavy metal band, they want to play powerful rock with melody and riffing guitars. "When I did Thin Lizzy I was heavy, now I'm 40 years old and I just want to honest. I don't want to pretend to be something I'm not. There are a lot of musicians out there who pretend to be something they aren't. I'm truthful to myself. That's it." Darren and his pales are no heavy rockers, nobody is listening to heavy metal in the band and so they just want to create music which is honest. When Darren talks about his time with Thin Lizzy you can hear in his voice that it was something special. If we would have used a phone which shows you the picture of the other one, then I guess I would have seen sparkles in his eyes! "That were the days I was a rocker. I was in my twenties and I really enjoyed the time. No facade, just been what we were. It was real." During the talk I learnt that Darren enjoys playing, but not being on tour. He's more into working in the studio, into creating something new. The guys in the band a much young then mainman Wharton, but it works. Perhaps others in Wharton's age don't want to do this anymore... Even if touring is not Darren's main interest, they are touring. He doesn't expect anything from this tour. This music isn't big these days, but there are still fans who come to see them. And they see a few new places, play life and enjoy it. Afterwards he'll start writing songs again. "I always try to write the best song I've ever written. The perfect song, but as long my songs touch the people's heart, it's fine! That's my aim." He already wrote some songs he's proud of, like King Of Spades and We Will Be Friends. But I think he can be proud of some more and also about being part of Thin Lizzy and that he was working with Phil Lynott. I guess there are many stories to tell from that days, probably next time. Late summer they return to Germany to play at the Summer Breeze festival and afterwards Darren will again start working on the perfect song. I hope that it won't take too long until Dare return with a new album. I think there are still enough rock fans around who will appreciate it. Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott became a legend, Darren was part of it and even if Dare don't have the special something, they are better then many other bands of this genre. A band who just wants to write songs and play live, not trying to make it big. Not chasing the dream of being a rockstar. They are down to Earth and their honesty is enchanting. Good luck for the tour, guys!

Anika Peterson


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