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In Words: Dalriada

- Barnabás Ungár - February 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© Dalriada

Barnabás Ungár - February 21st 2011 (by email)

Dalriada is a Hungarian folk metal band who already made a lot fans around the world, now their new album Ígéret is out and with AFM Records their album is released worldwide. With their unique sound they are one of the few bands which really sticks out. Keyboarder Barnabás Ungár was so kind to answer my questions.

Your new album will be released via AFM Records and so will be widely available. A huge step forward for Dalriada?

Absolutely! We had orders from abroad before this album as well, but we're very grateful for AFM Records, because now our albums will be sold worldwide. AFM has many great bands and we're sure, that they'll do their best, just like we'll work hard in the future as well.

The new album is Ígéret. When did you start working on the new songs? And how long did the recordings take?

4-5 songs were ready in March 2010, we put the remaining songs together during the summer. The songs came easily this time, we had no pressure, we all enjoyed the composing times. I've started to work on the synth parts in July and Tadeusz recorded the drums at the beginning of August. The other parts were recorded very fast, everyone knew his / her task. The whole album was recorded in a few days...and we really enjoyed it!:)

Why did you choose the title Ígéret?

The titles of the Dalriada album's are the old names of the months. Ígéret is the name for May and it means 'Promise'.

Who did the cover artwork? Who's idea was it?

Laura's sister, Júlia draw the cover and the booklet artwork as well. There's a nice picture for every song, we find them beautiful! :)

In my opinion the Hungarian vocals make Dalriada special, but for some metal fans it's a reason not to listen. Have you ever thought about using English words?

Well, we believe, that using the mother language is part of folk metal. We try to show our culture to foreign people as well, and I have to tell you, that we get many positive feedback about Hungarian language from the USA, from Germany, from Brazil, etc... They find it interesting, and individual. We don't know what will come in the future, but we'll keep singing in Hungarian as long as it's possible.

With Igazi Tüz you dedicated a song to Péter Hende who passed 10 years ago. Your way to keep the memory alive?

I was not a member of the band at the beginning, so I didn't know Péter, but if I'd be in the same situation and I'd like to make a memory for someone, then I'd choose this way too. I think, that it's a good way for keeping the memory alive and this song goes to Péter. RIP Péter Hende!

You played some shows with Korpiklaani and convinced Jonne to sing at one of your songs. He sings Finnish and so for the majority it doesn't sounds so different... How is it for you? Strange to hear Finnish words in one of your songs? And have you ever thought about asking someone to add English vocals?

We've played with Korpiklaani in Hungary for a couple of times and they're good friends. We're very grateful for Jonne for singing in Leszek a Hold and we're very proud of that too of course! :)

It's the first song of Dalriada in which you can hear an other language, maybe not the last one. We've just played this song at the release show and I had to sings Jonne's parts, don't be afraid Jonne, you're still much better, then me! :)

Hm, I don't know, we didn't speak about adding English featuring yet...

You did a video for Hajdútánc, why did you choose this track? Please tell us a bit about the video shooting!

I think, that it's a quite catchy song and it was one of the new tracks that was ready in 2010 May, we've played it at Metalfest already. This song contains many musical parts that we wanted to show: folk instruments and folk song, some growls from Laura, a nice guitar solo... Everything, that shows Dalriada's present. It was the first time, we've had the new clothes on, so we've laughed a lot! :) The music video had a different act originally, but the weather was bad (heavy rain), so we had to change it. We've replaced the missing parts with animations, that are similar to older Hungarian cartoons. :)

Will you do another video? Anything planned?

Another video is already on the net, it's made for Zách Klára and it was shoot last summer at Rockmaraton Festival, where we've played in front of 5,000 people... It was crazy, we're very proud of that gig. :)

Hopefully we'll shoot a new video for one of the new songs as well, but I don't know which one will be that... We'll see.

What about playing live? Can we expect to see you on tour? Festivals?

We'll play at most of the Hungarian festivals and now we'll play more abroad as well, at least this is what we hope! :) Dalriada is already confirmed for Ragnarök Festival 2011 and Northern Lights Festival 2011, so I think, that it's a good beginning. We're grateful for these festivals, it means us a lot! Of course it would be nice, if we could go on tour... Maybe Autumn?! We're ready for that! :)

Any news to share? Anything you want to add?

Thanks for the interview and for the support! See you at one of our gigs!:)

Let's hope they can go on tour and present their old and new songs live. At least some festivals are scheduled...

Claudia Ehrhardt


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