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On stage: Dying Fetus

- W.O.A. - Aug. 2002 - Wacken (D) -
- Dying Fetus, Beneath The Massacre,
   Origin & Revocation
- Feb. 2010 - Birmingham (GB) -

- Dying Fetus, Beneath The Massacre, Origin & Revocation -
- Friday 30th April 2010 - Birmingham (GB), Birmingham Academy 2

The first band (that actually showed up) were pretty amazing. They started the evening with brutal death metal...which retrospectively was what the evening was about. Although there were some sceptics commenting how all of the songs sounded exactly the same - this is death metal - the set was still indubitably amazing. What's to say? They're highly recommendable!

These guys seemed extremely popular, and they played with such fervour that people who hated them at the beginning of the night probably loved them by the end. The music was not unlike Dying Fetus (which was probably why so many people seemed to like them) and the whole atmosphere of the band just gelled with the evening really well.

Beneath The Massacre
Who knows why this band are so popular? They played at the 2009 Thrash & Burn tour, too. They're really not that good, in all honesty. The performance skills of the musicians are pretty impressive - that nobody could deny - but the compositions of the band are just...there's nothing in them. This aside, the set was OK, and the vast majority of the crowd seemed to love them.

Dying Fetus
What a splendid way to finish off a splendid evening! The pick of the bunch they were. Many a people must have left the Academy with some unholy whiplash... This devilish trio were like Macbeth's three witches...making people do crazy things and undoubtedly predicting a heck of a lot of headbanging... There was nothing at fault with this band, absolutely nothing - no joke! They disappointed nobody. Looking around the room, there was neither disgruntled face nor bored look.

Stephanie Malin

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