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On stage: Dokken

- W.O.A. - Aug. 1999 - Wacken (D) -
- Dokken & Crystal Ball - June 2002 - Bochum (D) -

Dokken & Crystal Ball - June, 6th 2002 - Bochum (D), Matrix -

Again at the Matrix in Bochum, tonight we should see Crystal Ball and Dokken! But when they opened the doors, we learnt that we weren't on the guest list! Luckily Holger and Dirk know us and so Holger handed the guest list to Dirk and started to look for the tour manager. He and the tour manager returned and with them the singer of Crystal Ball. After a short discussion about who confirmed the guest list and the interview and what could have happened, Mark Sweeney offered to pay the tickets and to work out with Nuclear Blast afterwards. But Dirk gave his okay and so they just made a note on the guest list and let us in! Thanks for your help! Really cool!
Punctual at 8:00 p.m. the Swiss started their set with a track from their latest release Virtual Empire which is called Dance With The Devil. The Swiss quintet concentrated on their latest release, but didn't forget their early ones. In comparison with the show I saw last year when they toured with Pretty Maids the stage acting got better. The band of singer Mark Sweeney and guitarist Scott Leach are a tight union. Songs like When The Night Is Over, Night And Day, Am I Free and Private Visitors sound live even better. But as a support they just have about 45 minutes and so I hope that the Swiss will play a few small club shows as a headliner! And if you'll go to Summer Breeze open-air in August make sure that you don't miss them!
After a break it was time for Dokken! Don and his pales opened their set with Kiss Of Death and during the first notes the fans were wondering who was playing the guitar. Where was John Norum? Anyway, the boys had fun and continued with The Hunter, another classic tune. The fans went crazy. It took quite awhile to bring Dokken back to the European stages and not everybody saw him at Wacken 1999. After Into The Fire they presented 2 new tracks from Long Way Home called Little Girl and Everybody Needs. It was obvious that most fans were into the old stuff and not everybody knew the new tracks. And so quartet went back in time and offered some musical gems like Breaking The Chains and Tooth & Nail. Don and his mates finished the set with In My Dreams. Unfortunately the band left the stage after about 75 min. Perhaps this was caused by the unexpected change on the six-strings... The day before they had played in Austria, Salzburg at the Rockhouse and there John Norum was still playing. Today he was replaced by Alex di Rosso and perhaps they had not enough time to rehearse.... Anyway, it was cool to hear the old tunes again and I hope that we soon will see them again live! And that they play more of their classic Dokken songs!

Claudia Ehrhardt

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