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- My Own Revolution - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

My Own Revolution

My Own Revolution
(Brennus Records - 1999)

The French band was founded in 1986 and now released their first album after several line-up changes. In the beginning the band Yves Bernardin (g) released their debut. This is their first album, but the band had the chance to got live experience while opening for bands like Stratovarius, Rage and Manowar in France! Sure, they are not the same class, but this is their debut..... Musically the band and their label see the band in the tradition of Helloween and Queensrÿche (also in their early days).... Melodic speed metal with elements of progressive power metal, that maybe the best description of their music. Singer Thierry Lebourg reminds me some­times a little bit of André Matos (Angra) and Henry 'Tyrant' Concklin (Jag Panzer)..... But that won't describe it at all. As far as I know Brennus, their label isn't distributed Europe-wide.....
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Check the following tracks: My Last Wish, My Own Revolution and Fallen Angels.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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