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On disc: Dynahead

Antigen - Gus Rosa - 9 stars


(self-released - 2008)

It's just amazing to hear a band with their first album, that show so much experience and great music. The Brazilian guys (from the capital Brasilia) seems like they have lots of years playing together and leave us with a feeling that they born big.
Antigen is a powerful album with unclassified metal, flirting with the most complex bands you already know, something between traditional metal bands and Meshuggah, as you see, a varied universe of songs.
Clockwork I shows immediately how they want to sound like, lots of riffs and rhythm parts with restless guitar works. This song has a very nice bass part (maybe a fretless?). Ok, now what I expect in the first song, a great chorus in Layers of Days, if it is a chorus. Amazing, Caio's vocals. Virtual Twin, in my opinion have the greatest guitar riff of the album and pretty fast double bass. Try this one!
The highlight of Tactile Haven is the vocals, Caio have no problem to be a powerful R'n'R singer or make some guttural voices. Listen careful to the guitar solo, is it jazz or just a typical ballad solo? Join And Surrender is probably my favorite one, very heavy with a beautiful melodic part. Bloodish Eyes and Depart Now - cool vocal parts - continues the massacre. Its possible to notice that Caio's voice have a good Warrrel Dane influence. And this is great. Fast parts and brilliant riff and solo work by Diogo and Pablo in Do You Feel Cleansed?. Again, I don't know if the amazing melodic part is a chorus, but it sounds very nice. Vorsicht is another challenge for those who use to listen to regular metal bands. Don't try to dance to this one, you will probably fall down. ;)
And to finish the album, The Starry Messenger, great drum work and fast thrash riffs.
Dynahead begin it's work without crawling. They just came out of the womb and start to run. Try to catch these guys!

9 stars

Gus Rosa


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