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On disc: Dying Fetus

- War Of Attrition - Peter Haber - 9 stars


War Of Attrition

War Of Attrition
(Relapse Records - 2007)

The band from Maryland is presenting the death metal / grindcore fans their 6th studio album - War Of Attrition. Dying Fetus' album Stop At Nothing was a bit to thrashy for many fans, but now they are back with new drummer Duane Timlins and a real treat for their fans! They are relentless! All killers, no fillers - that's all you need to know! Neckbreakers, heavy grooves and the grunts and growls of mainman John Gallagher. The quartet is back with technical death metal and complex riffing.
To get the first dose of Dying Fetus check out Unadulterated Hatred and Fate Of The Condemned.
Okay, a quite short review, but try to bang your head and type at the same time - you won't succeed! And now I have to crank up the volume and get another dose of Dying Fetus!

9 stars

Peter Haber
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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