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On disc: Dyecrest

- The Way Of Pain - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

The Way Of Pain

The Way Of Pain
(Sanctuary - 2003)

The name won't ring a bell, coz the newcomers worked under the name Dyecast in the past, but had to rename when they were close to release the album - information about that and the band you can find in the interview - and so they are now Dyecrest! Musically the youngsters present power metal with melodies and mighty choirs, sometimes very dark, sometimes fast, sometimes with progressive elements. The opener For All The Weak gives a good idea about Dyecrest. They aren't copying a specific band and they already found their own sound, but the album opener let me think of bands like Primal Fear, Brainstorm and Symphorce. Track #2 is an up-tempo one, but breaks lead into mid-tempo parts where one of their guitarists can show his talent in a solo while the two others build the playground. The songs of Dyecrest are catchy. There are guitar-driven songs like the fast Last Man Standing. The double bass drumming of Niko Takala is the basis for Jukka Malilainen's bass lines and the guitars of Pirkka Ohlis, Henri Arola, Malli Pasanen. On top of it you hear the voice of Janne Oksanen who has a variety to create different atmospheres with his vocals. Different influences are audible, but not too obvious. Lost Faith - for example - is a heavy rocker where the vocals remind me partly of Michael Kiske and partly of Roy Khan... Even if a little darker. A track which has a gothic vibe through keyboard parts is Made Me Believe, a slower track. A kind of power ballad full of dark, sad emotions. But they aren't depressive, there is hope... A positive feeling. In the middle part guitar riffing is laying the musical basis for another guitar solo which is inspired by some neo-classical stuff. The Finnish combine different genre elements to produce their own power metal style. Really interesting to listen to this album. The first spin let you take a look at the musical world of Dyecrest, but every spin gets you more into it. I don't want to talk about every track, coz this album is worth to listen to! I can just recommend this album to all metal heads who like everything from Heavy Metal to Power Metal. For me this is the first highlight in 2004!!!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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