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On disc: Dusted Angel

Earth Sick Mind - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Earth Sick Mind

Earth Sick Mind
(Mankind Records - 2010)

Dusted Angel is a band from California which presents their debut album Earth Sick Mind.
Slowly they lead you into the album with The Thorn. Then heavy riffs steamroll you and show that Dusted Angel music is based on doom / stoner metal. With a heavy groove and monolith riffs they proceed, Clifford Dinsmore's voice is powerful. Partly he sounds desperate, or angry. Towards the end of the opener a break leads into a short melodic part. Seeking The Dawn is combining heavy metal with stoner rock. With Tards On Shards they present a long track which offers twists and turns. While some bands seem to recycle their own riffs, Dusted Angel try to vary within the genre limits. Some passages are raw and wild, a bit chaotic, but they get back on track every time. And so the Dusted Angels keep it interesting for the listener. For Pulverizer they speed up, but again they add slow parts, so the Surf City guys surprise the listener with varying speeds and sound elements. The title track is the closer of the regular edition, the iTunes version has a bonus track, and it's like they took elements of all their songs on Earth Sick Mind and created this one out of it.
I can't tell you anything about the bonus track, beside it's title... It's called Sensory Obliteration.
Dusted Angel is offering a short but decent debut album. To get a better idea about Dusted Angel, visit their MySpace and listen to some of their songs!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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