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On disc: Duskmachine

Duskmachine - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Massacre Records - 2013)

Somehow I missed the debut of Duskmachine, even if I know about this band long before. I met guitarist Nikolai Wurk when he was working as a roadie at an Annihilator tour. Back in the early days it was Nikolai Wurk and Randy Black (Primal Fear, ex-Annihilator), in 2005 Russ Bergquist (ex-Annihilator) joined and in 2010 they convinced Joe Comeau to take over the microphone.

They kick off with I Feel No Pain, thrash riffing lead you into this thrashy power metal tune with theatric vocals, shouts and growls. The tune is a roller coaster ride with slow passages and fast, riff-based parts. Sirens open up Bloodshed, a power metal tune with whispered words and shouts to add some flavor. With Endless they present a heavy modern metal tune la Disturbed, but spiced up with growls and a Clawfinger-like part. With Dying In My Skin they present a slow tune, a different facet of Duskmachine. afterwards they storm off with Conquer All. The balladesque My Empty Room crowns the album, it the symphonic elements and emotional vocals which are touching. Then they come over you with a heavy thrasher with death-ish growls, but they easy up a bit after the wake-up call at the opening part of Hands Of Fate. They close with Escaping, but this album won't give you the will to escape. Well done.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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