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On disc: Drowned

7th - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Greyhaze Records - 2018)

Drowned is a band from Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil) and the band is around since 1994! You can guess it, this is their 7th full-length album, their debut Bonegrinder was released in 2001.

The five-some kicks off with The Bitter Art Of Detestation, a riff-based track with some complex guitar parts and growls. The chorus has a catchy edge. Imagine a mix of Nevermore, Kreator and Sepultura.

Next in line Rage Before Some Hope is more based in thrash, but offers some clean vocal parts which are closer to power metal than death metal. Toothless Messiah won't satisfy death metal fans, but some power metal fans might fall for it.... Damaged Wood Coffin offers melodic twin guitars and heavy riffs - without Fernando Lima's growls it would be a thrashy power metal tune. While Epidemic And God Selfishness is rooted in trash metal and heads into death thrash.

At Timebomb Conscience and the following KRH317 bassist Rafael Porto's bass steps up and adds a prominent bass line to the power riffage of Marcos Amorim and Kerley Ribeiro.

This mix of different metal genres might be a problem for some, coz not everybody will be pleased by thrash metal with death, heavy or power metal elements. They don't fit into this or that genre and so it's more for open-minded metal heads. Personally I find it refreshing to listen to the mix of the Brazilians.

Perhaps the album teaser can tell you, if this album is what you are looking for...

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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