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On disc: Drone

For Torch And Crown - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

For Torch And Crown

For Torch And Crown
(Metalville - 2012)

Drone is a band from Northern Germany which already played some festivals - they won Wacken Metal Battle in 2006 - and toured with e.g. Pro-Pain and Ektomorf. This is their 3rd album and I confess my first encounter with Drone.

Slowly the German groove thrashers Drone lead you into For Torch And Crown, they kick off with Format C, but don't get fooled, coz after a few moments they speed off and present a heavy, riff-based groove monster with a catchy edge. For Making Believe they add aggression and heaviness, but keep the melodic element in their songs which is mainly based on the guitar-play of singer Mutz Hempel and Marcelo Vaquez. While most will be happy about the fast thrashers, I would like to get a bit more variety speed-wise. Sure, they slow down here and there, but still the songs are a bit too much alike - at least for me. But live these tracks will work well, no break for headbangers! One of the songs which sticks out is Burning Storybook. Quite melodic they kick off Stick To Yourself, but then the riffs take over again. The chorus is quite melodic, but seems to be too sweet for their sonic mix. A good idea, but it didn't work out... At the closer Bloody Mary they get joined by Sina Niklas who adds some female parts - and here the melodic vocal parts work much better. If this is where they are heading to? Only time will tell.

Anyway, fans of groove / modern thrash metal should check out Drone's For Torch And Crown. They might not be able to compete with Machine Head or Pantera, but they do have the talent, so give them a little more time. Meanwhile enjoy For Torch And Crown.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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