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On disc: Dreyelands

Rooms Of Revelation - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Rooms Of Revelation

Rooms Of Revelation
(Lion Music - 2010)

I guess you can't name many bands from Hungary, at least I can't, but with Dreyelands a powerful progressive metal band is on the way to change this.
With the first track you are Entering, an intro where you hear someone walk, then open a door... Slam shut the door. You hear footfalls and music which seems to be far away... It get's closer, and the door opens into Room 1 - Seek For Salvation. The conceptual album tells the story of a man who's schizophrenic, who looses the love of his life - and at the end he will die, too. The protagonist discovers that all the women he loved were killed - and that he killed them, coz he's afraid to loose their love. And so the songs are like a walk through a fligth of rooms, every room giving more details about the killings. A beautiful and catchy tune is Room 2 - Can't Hide Away. It's Horváth's guitar play and Nikola Mijic's emotional vocals which will enchant you! At Room 3 - Pretending they give the song an 80's hard rock feeling. Mijic is varying his vocals, so you get the feeling that it really is a schizophrenic who speaks with different tongues. One of my faves is Room 4 - Fragments, a heavy guitar-based progressive tune which soon will haunt you! Room 5 - Way To You reminds me a bit of Conception... And early Lions Share. This one fades out with slowly with acoustic guitars - and the following Room 6 - Blossoms Of Decay slowly begins, the balladesque tune is showing Dreyelands with a symphonic touch, but again it's Nikola Mijic's vocals which gives the song the certain something. At Room 7 - Vain the keyboard partly cites Savatage. The closer Room 8 - Leaving Grace has a dash of Angel Dust with Dirk Thurisch, just that Dreyelands are more progressive. But the heavy riffs and hammering drums as well as the vocals do remind me a bit of the Germans... But there is more to discover in the music of Dreyelands!
Musically the band is very powerful, but they are more based in prog metal which they spice up with memorable melodies. Guitarist András Ádám Horváth and singer Nikola Mijic are the core of Dreyelands it seems. On the album keyboarder Zoltán Kas' play is also an important part of the music, Kas left the band after the recording and now György Nagy is replacing him at concerts.
If you like powerful progressive metal with great melodies and spiced up with other sound elements, then let Dreyelands enchant you!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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