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On disc: Dreamtale

Epsilon - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars


(Ice Warrior Records - 2012)

Dreamtale is the Finnish band who makes a fantastic tight and well balanced kind of power metal on one record after another. Their new album Epsilon is also filled classical power metal songs with elements of fantasy metal and epical stories as well. Their strength is superb, and with Erkki Seppänen on the vocals their mission is a story of success. Seppänen has a voice that could compared to Eric Adams from Manowar in a lighter version, but still with high power and class. The fifth album from Dreamtale is marvelous and magic metal where they bring the water to the boil with Firestorm, a melodic and strong power metal opening to the album. Angel Of Light gets the epical side of Dreamtale to the surface with a balanced and super strong metal earpleaser. On the song Each Time I Die we get more of the melodic hard metal that are blessed by a fantastic guitar solo to give it more character. Where Eternal Jesters Reign is off course fast and powerful, and has a kind of Scandinavian sound of metal about it. Fly Away also stands for the melodic power and this time they have violins included to the song to make it vibrant and solid. Reasons Revealed goes into the path of the other songs with a fantasy ballad where you get spellbound by the great voice of which Erkki Seppänen sing this beautiful song. The 10 songs are fantastic, and one of the best Scandinavian releases this year.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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