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On disc: Dream Steel

- You - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(My Kingdom Music - year)

The Italian band Dream Steel was founded back in 1999 and released between 2003 and 2006 3 demos. With You they present their first album which includes all songs from their last demo The Flight Of A Butterfly. Frantic is an intro with sounds which indicates a competition more then a battle... Then they head into The Flight Of A Butterfly with heavy guitar riffs which are accompanied by keyboard and they speed up. But before singer Anlessandro Antonelli joins in a break and a slower passage. They vary in speed and so keep the song interesting. Something which is essential when you do long tracks like this 7 minute long one. Due to the keyboard their melodic metal gets a symphonic edge, but it never gets too much, coz the guitars bring some heaviness. But also progressive elements make this song - and the rest of the album - intersting. They combine melodic metal with symphonic passages, power, heaviness and progressive song structures. Personally I like the vocals of Alessandro Antonelli, coz he rarely hits high notes and he can express emotions better with his style without the high notes. Btw, they have a radio edit of this one added to the album.
Behind... is only an interlude and leads over to the heavy You. Hammering drums and heavy riffs welcome you, but again they work with breaks and here the progressive elements are more obvious.
The Italians try a walk on the edge... Combining progressive parts, symphonic and power metal parts with emotional vocals. On the balladesque Lost they reduce they are less symphonic, but touching. And for a few seconds the Italian singer reminds me of André Matos... A bit darker is this song, but its only another facet in their sound. Cool tune! On Dancing In The Fate guitarist Daniele Mazzanti adds a cool solo part! Seems he knows that its not necessary to play complex and complicated parts to show his skills.
Rhapsody Of Fire fans might find them too complex, too progressive... And fans of prog metal might think they are too mellow... I like this melange and perhaps they can build a bridge between the genres... Okay, the production could be a bit more powerful... Especially the backings need some polishing. And at Neverstar I would overdo the drum sound, but that's my main complain soundwise. And as some songs are taken from their last demo, they have to show with their next album, if they stick to the chosen path. I'll keep an eye on these guys from Bologna!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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