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On disc: Dreams Of Sanity

- Komödia - Daniel de Niz - 10 stars
- The Game - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

The Game

The Game
(Hall Of Sermon - 2000)

Just another band with a female singer? Not really! In the previous releases singer Sandra Schleret and conceptual writer Michael Knoflach dealed with Dante's The Divine Comedy and Leroux' Phantom Of The Opera. This time Michael Knoflach created something new! The story tells the life of the protagonist who is placed in front of the curtain on a stage and announcing to the audience that he now has to perform his life. And the game is repeated every day... But that's just the beginning......
Musically Dreams Of Sanity offer a melodic, epic metal with Sandra's powerful voice who tells the story. The Game is an album to listen to intensively, nothing to listen to while driving or working...... This one requests a 100% concentration of the listener. Give it a try, coz this is an outstanding release!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt



(Hall Of Sermon - 1997)

From Innsbruck (Austria) came Dreams of Sanity - they disbanded in 2002 - , they used to to blend both gothic / doom and heavy metal elements. This was their debut album on which they worked for years before being able to release it. A lot of rich instrumental passages in well-crafted songs. Their music is subtle yet heavy enough, a middle point between heavy metal and doom / gothic: Slow, atmospheric keyboards and piano, acoustic guitar enhancements,&xnbsp;Iron Maiden-like guitar solos and melodies, rhythm changes through out songs. Two female singers; Sandra Schleret (ex-Siegfried, ex-Soulslide) and Martina Hornbacher (Therion guest vocalist, ex-Alas)&xnbsp;who complement each other's melodic singing&xnbsp;very well&xnbsp;as well as the music. Sandra's voice is more powerful, heavy metal oriented - think of a female Bruce Dickinson - and Martina’s is milder.
Its based on the theme of The Divine Comedy by Dante. The length of the songs is mostly above six minutes and they have an&xnbsp;atmosphere. The most accessible sound would be Blade Of Doom and the most epic being Komödia Part III which lasts over thirteen minutes. A true unknown masterpiece who deserves to be listened!

10 stars

Daniel de Niz


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