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On disc: Dreamfire

Atlantean Symphony - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Atlantean Symphony

Atlantean Symphony
(Minotauro Records - 2018)

Atlantean Symphony was first released in 2012 and re-issued in 2014, now there is a new issue which is overdone completely - re-mastered, new artwork and booklet and 2 new tracks.

The album starts bombastic and dark, Across The Ageless Ocean. First sounds of wind and ocean surf, then cellos creating a brooding atmosphere. A slight change, a bit lighter is the atmosphere of Approaching Atlantean Monoliths - Click here to listen! . Cellos accompanied by strings creating a soundscape - magical and enchanting. And it's amazing that all this was the brainchild and work of just one man!

Towards the end of A Reflection of Rebirth Through The Eyes of The Forlorn you hear thunder, rain and bells. And it really feels like you are amid a thunder storm. To get an idea, check out Into The Temple Of Elements:

One of the bonus tracks is Dreamfire interpretation of Ramin Djawadi's The Rains Of Castamere as featured in the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones.
The other bonus track is An Epitaph Engraved in Water MMXVIII

Actually I don't want to go into details about tracks, coz words can give you an idea about it. You have to listen! If you are open-minded and don't need heavy riffs combined with strong vocals, then give it a chance! Take your time, relax on the couch and listen via headphones to get every single note. This is a soundtrack for a movie undone. Close your eyes, listen and let yourself be taken into the land of Dreamfire!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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