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On disc: Dragonlord

- Rapture - Hitomi Iwai - 8 stars


(Spitfire Records - 2001)

Testament's axeman Eric Peterson's (vocals & guitar) project band focusing on the dark side of fantasies and imaginations in lyrics with the symphonic black metal sound, according to their biography. The lineup are Eric, three musicians of his co. in Testament Steve DiGiorgio (bass; Sadus / Control Denied, etc.... He already left Dragonlord though.), Steve Smyth (guitar), Jon Allen (drums; Sadus) and a member from San Fran Bay Area's Psypheria Lyle Livingston (keyboard). To me it is quite interesting that such of a-long-time thrasher Eric Peterson giving big influence to today's young extreme metal bands released this kind of album. Probably this situation shows young and old metal musicians both respect each other in point of the music they have created.
Rapture sounds like recent-Testament-meets-Symphonic-Black. Eric's energetic mid-high-range screaming matches the brutal-yet-melodic sound, which is based on the accurate rhythms by a technical fletless bass player Steve D. and a blast-beat master Jon Allen. Guitar riffs have a thrash metal style like Testament (of course) and a brutal death one both. These two kinds of riffs appear one after the other whenever rhythm patterns are dramatically changed. As for the keyboards, a bombastic classical opening on the first track, atmospheric codes and majestic melodies successfully bring magnificent atmosphere to whole sound. Anyway, this high-quality CD Rapture doesn't make me bored till the last tune at all. This album is not only for Testament and Sadus collectors, but also for Symphonic Black Metal fans indeed. My recommend tracks are Unholy Void, Tradition And Fire, Wolfhunt and the title track Rapture.

8 stars

Hitomi Iwai


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