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On disc: Downstroy

I Scream Every Day - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

I Scream Every Day

I Scream Every Day
(self-released - 2007)

The band was founded back in 2004 and released their first demo the same year, titled 0051. They play many shows and festivals and in late 2006 they recorded this demo.
The intro is quite atmospheric with didgeridoo and drums. Then heavy riffs and drums lead into Your Game, a groovy modern metal tune with a dash of thrash and metalcore. The sound of the sextet is heavy and fat, full of anger and aggression, but also melodic backing vocals which can hook you up. Downstroy says they are influenced by bands as Hatebreed, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Caliban, Overdrive, Devildriver, Fear Factory - and the tribal percussion parts show that they are into Soulfly and Sepultura. White the vocals of Darko Zivkovic remind me a bit of Machine Head - another band they name as their influence. A fast one is You Are A Fool which is very heavy and guitar-driven. They stop dead in their tracks for a brief moment and then go full force again. The backing vocals remind me a bit of Paradise Lost... Later in the tune you get a brief bass lead part played by Nenad Predojevic. The song varies and so they keep the listeners interest. A blend of heavy riffs, groove, aggression and melody - but then they surprise you with some spoken word parts and growls. A wall of guitars hit you with Respond Again. Guitarists Milos Segrt and Miroslav Savic just fire a fat riff after another. Towards the end the song explodes. A thrashy one is Trapped In A Machine which is crossing the borders between modern thrash metal and metalcore, but again the melodic backing vocals make it differ from so many other bands playing this style. The Serbs combine the different influences - and some more elements - into their own blend... into a powerful, aggressive sound. They also add some slow, almost doomy parts... The closer is Dubstroy Wise which sticks out with the reggae feeling, but even there the Serbs can add something unusual. They speed up for a moment and then drop back to the main theme. Btw, here the six guys got joined by Coyote (Eyesburn). Well, narrow-minded metal fans might hate this, but it shows again that the guys are open to a lot of different music and sounds. That they don't take limitations and break free from restrictions. A good idea to place the song at the end of the demo, so people who don't like it, can just turn off the player.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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