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On disc: Down

Part 1 - The Purple EP - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Part 1 - The Purple EP

Part 1 - The Purple EP
(Roadrunner Records - 2012)

Down is a kind of Southern metal / sludge super group and since the founding in 1991 they only had to face one line-up change. Last year Pat Bruders took over the bass. But even if the band is around for more then 20 years they aren't releasing every other year an album - mainly because everybody is involved in other bands. It's been years since their last release and now Down IV presents the first of 4 EPs. The first one is called The Purple EP and the 3 others shall follow within a year...

The six-tracker kicks off with Levitation, a heavy, slightly bulky tune. In the beginning it's the drums which dominates the sound, the guitars aren't too prominent. When Phil Anselmo joins in the song becomes a different feel... The vocal line is almost catchy. with Witchtripper they revive 70's heavy rock - in their very own sludgy way. This time the riffing is more up-front. Partly this one reminds me of Pride & Glory... A sludge version of Zakk Wydle's band. For Open Coffins they slow down even more, but it's ultra heavy! With The Curse Is A Lie they stay on the chosen path. A bit fast, but with breaks is This Work Is Timeless. And I guess it's true, this EP offers some timeless 70s-tinged heavy rock tunes. The closer is a 9+ minute long rocker called Misfortune Teller and it's based on a heavy groove, it offers some breaks and tempi changes. For me the best song on this EP!

Fans of Down won't be disappointed. And you can look forward to the next part of this EP series!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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