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On disc: Double Cross

II - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars


(Sweet Poison Records - 2010)

The German-Italian outfit Double Cross is presenting their second album, simply called II. So far Double Cross were mainly visible at MySpace where their songs got quite a few spins. Now they are signed to Sweet Poison Records and so more heavy metal fans should learn about them. Songs like Breakin' Is Good are straight forward heavy metal which cites one or the other band. Singer Matt Browstone has a dark timbre, partly it seems like there is another singer adding vocals on a higher pitch... Like doubling the vocals, but I have no information about this, in the line-up only lists Matt Browstone on vocals. At Call You a Maiden-ish bass riffs opens up, but then they head into a slightly different direction - and with twists and turns they keep your attention during this 6+ minute long tune. The album offers 9 tracks - one a kind of interlude - plus 3 bonus tracks.
I recommend to check out some songs on their MySpace page, coz to be honest I find the vocals quite annoying. Musically Double Cross presents heavy metal in different shades and it's not the songs, they are quite okay, but it's the vocals which made me give them this rating. With a different singer they would get a higher score from me, while someone who likes the vocals would give this one a higher rating. So check them out! Perhaps you can enjoy them more then I do...

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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