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On disc: Dorian Gray

- It's Your Day - Volker Raabe - 5 stars

It's Your Day

It's Your Day
(Headless Rec. - 2001)

The band Dorian Gray is existing for quite awhile, but never really made it. Their 4th album It's Your Day won't change this, it seems. Partly the voice of Uwe Merz needs time to get used to it on certain songs like Not Your Fault and Out Of Comedy. The band from Recklinghausen (Germany) is rocking and grooving on the 12 tracks, but only on an average level. The guys had to show their balladesque side with songs like At The End Of Your Days and Over'n Done. The band use elements of melodic hard rock, progressive rock and melodic metal and they are on the way to find their own sound. Anyway, the vocals will bring the decision, if the listener will like it or not. Partly the vocals remind me of Lothar Antoni from the 80's German band Trance.... Anyway, it's up to you!

5 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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