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On disc: Doomshine

The Piper At The Gates Of Doom - Lars Bjorn - 7 stars

The Piper At The Gates Of Doom

The Piper At The Gates Of Doom
(Massacre Records - 2010)

The band has played together 10 years and started with this name: Sleep With The Devil. But after they have changed, have a new singer / guitarist Timmy, it was more appropriate to rename the band. In 2006 they released the album The Kingdoom Come, and now their new CD The Piper At The Gates Of Doom will spread their music to the fans. Interesting sound, but they still need to put more work into the production. It starts with the song Sanctuary Demon, a slow dark doom sound from the blackest cellar, but the guitar riffs are a little boring.
Already on the next song Actors Of The Storm we get very raw power with different elements in the song. The basic rhythm is dominating, and the singer Timmy is pulling the performance in another direction, but they meet in the middle and make a perfect boombastic doom song.
Other good songs are River Of January which has a very interesting flow and the strong power guitars here are really splendid. On the song Doomshine Serenade we have the ghost story of the album, this song is amazingly brilliant. The songs Cold Cypher Ceven and Vanished are also in the good end, but the 4 remaining titles are not that strong. All in all a production that makes a good view to doom metal, and has a lot of promises to come.

7 stars

Lars Bjorn


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