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On disc: Donots

- We're Not Gonna Take It - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


We're Not Gonna Take It

We're Not Gonna Take It
(Supersonic - 2002)

That the German band has it's roots in the metal of the 80's is no secret. Now band leader Ingo Donot decided that it's time to release an EP with 5 cover versions of songs which they usually play live. Additionally they put on the disc a live version of the Twisted Sister classic which also was used as the title of the EP and the Running Wild track Bad To The Bone which feat. Rock'n'Rolf. Both live versions were recorded during the Ringfest (Cologne) performance in August 2002.
Especially the Alice Cooper song School's Out sounds very heavy, also the Warlock classic All We Are is a more heavy guitar rock version and sounds a little strange, but pretty interesting. I guess it's because we all are used to the vocals of Germany's leading lady of metal - Doro!
Anyway, for the band it's important to state that this EP is their way of show their respect the bands who influenced them. Their way to thank you to this bands to for their music and inspiration.
What I have to mention is that the band present in the booklet the organization attac ( to give them a forum and perhaps enlighten some fans to check the website of attac. Perhaps someone get's interested in the organization which cares about the problematic of globalization.
Definitely interesting for metal fans, even if usually not into Donots!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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