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On disc: Dommin

Love Is Gone - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Love Is Gone

Love Is Gone
(Roadrunner Records - 2010)

Dommin is the band of singer and guitarist Kristofer Dommin and Love Is Gone is their debut album. The opener My Heart, Your Hands offers a catchy gothic rocker. Vocally Mr. Dommin reminds me of Michael Poulsen (Volbeat) and Pete Steele (Type O'Negative) while the music is closer to HIM... Add a dash of Danzig and you got it. Sounds strange? Well, it works well. The keyboard-laden gothic metal is spiced up with heavy riffs and orchestral parts. Cool opener. The up-tempo tune New is more HIM-like, but also has this touch of Volbeat. Actually I like Dommin's sound a lot, coz even if the ingredients are well-known, it's a new mix. The title track Love Is Gone is a melancholy tune with expressive vocals. At Dark Holiday they take you back in time, the rocker has some 1930's / 1940's influences combined with heavy dark rock parts. Well done! After the interlude Within Reach they slowly lead you into Closure, but the song becomes a rocker with a dash of 80's dark wave... When the guitar adds some heavy riffs it's more gothic metal, but I like the dark wave touch. The heavy riffs of One Feeling gives the song an aggressive edge while the melodic vocals are catchy. A heavy ear catcher! At Honestly they bring back some 80's elements, but the song sounds fresh, especially due to the atypical vocals of Kristofer Dommin. The closer is the ballad Remember which focuses on the emotional vocals.
The album of Dommin is interesting for fans of gothic metal who look for something which differs, for a band who adds something new to their sound. Also interested for open-minded Volbeat fans who think HIM is too trendy... too kitschy. Check out: Dark Holiday, Closure, Honestly and My Heart, Your Hands

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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