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On disc: Dominici

- O3 A Trilogy - Pt. 2 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
- O3 A Trilogy - Pt. 3 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

03 A Trilogy Pt. 3

03 A Trilogy Pt. 3
(InsideOut Music - 2008)

Charlie Dominici was the singer at Dream Theater's debut, after he left he kinda vanished and returned in 2005 with the first part of the trilogy. While he recorded the acoustic Part 1 on his own, he teamed up with 4 guys for Part 2 - and they still work together. And with Part 3 they continue what they started with Part 2, but also it's different.
The album opens up in a dark, almost threatening atmosphere - and you hear some radio broadcast, then some sad string arrangement sets in. Acoustically they continue, Charlie Dominici's vocals upfront. But then they explode into a fast riffing monster! A heavy progressive track is King Of Terror - with different elements and atmospheres. Looks like Mr. Dominici get even stronger as a singer... On the following March Into Hell they offer a heavy groove and sharp riffs, but they never forget their progressive side!
Lyrically Charlie Dominici solves some mysteries which been left after the first 2 parts - and twist into another direction. The vocals at So Help Me God has a slight touch of a rock musical... But you can feel the desperation. Revelation isn't one of the heaviest tracks, but hooks you up with its vocal line. A melodic metal tune with a progressive edge - quite catchy -, but can surprise you still. On Hell On Earth Charlie Dominici sounds more mean - and the song creates a threatening atmosphere. But the guitar solo transports some hope. The first notes of Genesis lightens up the atmosphere again and they take you onto a long instrumental journey, but don't worry later in the song Mr. Dominici joins in again. Especially the part with vocals got me. It party becomes a real prog metal hymn! But don't stop too soon! There is a moment of silence and then another instrumental part follows. I recommend: Liquid Lightning, King Of Terror and Genesis.
I hope that after this 3-piece opus it won't take long for Dominici to recover and return with a non-conceptual album!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


O3 A Trilogy - Pt. 2

O3 A Trilogy - Pt. 2
(InsideOut Music - 2007)

Its been 18 years since Charlie Dominici was the singer of Dream Theater, now he's stepping back into the spotlight which his band Dominici and his second release of a trilogie called O3. No doubt it has to be a concept album. The protagonist is a terrorist who lives in the USA as a sleeper - and his work is to develop a biological weapon. But then the story shows that he changes and starts to love the country he first despised.
Opening with The Monster you feel threatened by the noises... You feel like left alone in the dark.... You feel frightened. Then you hear voices... Like a squadron coming closer... A marching drum leads into the song. Former Dream Theater singer Charlie Dominici describes the music of his band as melodic progressive metal and during the first track it becomes obvious that this is a very good description. Heavy guitar riffing, pounding bass and hammering drums give their sound the heaviness, but the keyboard lines and the lead guitar takes of the edge. And The Monster is a monster song! The album opener is more then 8 minutes long and a good choice to check out Dominici and O3 - even if mastermind Dominici didn't join in... After a break there's first some sweet melody - like the warmth of the Sun coming out after a heavy thunder storm. At the end of the songs you hear a phone ring and a brief conversation. With Nowhere To Hide they start really off - and Charlie Dominici steps into the limelight - instantly you remember his voice from Dream Theater's When Day And Dream Unite. Not that this 2 songs show the wholeness of their sound, but if you like the tracks, then you'll like the whole album! But even through this one song Charlie Dominici changes his singing style to bring the story to life. Actually the quintet combines different influences, is experimental and risk to ask too much of the listener. But I think open-minded listeners won't have a problem with this. An interesting tool in this story are the sound sequences they use from news or parts of conversations which makes it more alive.
Actually I can't believe that I haven't come across them before. I think I haven't seen O3 Part 1 somewhere or that I read about this one... Part 1 was released in 2005 and at the moment the band is work on the realization of Part 3. A great story, a concept well brought to life. The songs can stand on their own, but become more intense as one.
Interesting for all fans of powerful progressive metal. If you like bands like Symphony X, Evergrey, Dream Theater and even fans of Spock's Beard might find them interesting and should check them out. Melodic fans who can deal with some progressiveness won't be disappointed, too.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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