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On disc: Domine

- Stormbringer Ruler - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Stormbringer Ruler

Stormbringer Ruler
(Dragonheart - 2001)

Another band from Italy, but there is a difference between Domine and Rhapsody / Labÿrinth, they are playing melodic power metal without the epic / bombastic elements Rhapsody & co. are known for. Lyrically they are the same vain as their fellow-countrymen as well as influenced by Germany's Blind Guardian. Same compared them with early Hammerfall, I can't agree at all, but I would name Nocturnal Rites to give an idea about Domine. Some might know singer Morby from his former band Sabotage, but they were just known in the underground. Domine have vary influences which are from classical composers like van Beethoven and Wagner reaches to acts like Bathory and Therion in the way they do their music. Interesting is The Bearer Of The Black Sword which starts with acoustic guitars, but later gets harder and faster... A epic mid-tempo track where singer Morby shows his talent and there is the Blind Guardian influence listenable. And with Forever More they do have a powerful ballad which is for me one of the highlights on Stormbringer Ruler. The Paoli brothers and the other band members wanted to find their own sound and they are on the way to create their own style. Part of this way was to choose a studio and producer who didn't produce a similar sound for every recording, Luigi Stefanini did a good job and supported so the band's own sound. A decent album which hopefully will make them more known outside their home country.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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