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On disc: Dog Fashion Disco

- Committed To A Bright Future - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Committed To A Bright Future

Committed To A Bright Future
(Spitfire Records - 2003)

Never heard of Dog Fashion Disco? Me too. The band is surfing the different kinds of rock and metal genres and additionally add instruments which are not that common in rock / metal like flute, saxophone and trumpets. The quintet not even keep one musical style during a song, they change from rock to Nu metal to hardcore to alternative to... whatever! A melange of all musical shades. Listen to Rapist Eyes and you will understand. The 14 songs are like a trip through musical genres. Dr. Piranha starts very heavy, almost Nu rock, then a touch of pop, later more hardcore like... And some electronic elements which let me think of a song from the 80's pop band Visage.... Strange mixture. The vocals change from screams to clean melodic vocals to spoken word parts. It's interesting, but... You need some spins to get used to. Definitely only very open-minded will like it.... probably. A sound which won't get them airplay. Live the band already proofed that they can rock the house on tours with Nothingface, MushroomHead and System Of A Down. The band live the old motto 'Sex, drugs and Rock'n'Roll' which got them in trouble more then one time and it ain't new for them to stay a night in prison. They honestly do what they want to do and don't think about rules and regulations.
Check them out and perhaps you will like their sound... I should mention that - at least in Germany - the label is trying a new distribution. In Germany the album is only available through the website, but probably it's different in the country you live, so check first. Perhaps it's similar in your country.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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