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On disc: Dogbane

Residual Alcatraz - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Residual Alcatraz

Residual Alcatraz
(Heaven and Hell Records - 2012)

It's American and it's a debut for traditional metallers Dogbane. Their goal is to play a traditional and pure kind of heavy metal, but their sound is mixed by more ingredients. First on the list is power metal closely followed by stoner metal just to get the category, and on top of all Dogbane have a raw powerful metal voice in vocalist Jeff Neal who gives the songs more character. Old school metal or 80's metal if you wish, Dogbane handles it with great skills, and first song is called Ride The Serpent. Here you get the heavy metal that is dripping down their spine, a metal sound from the 80's with guitars and attitude right on the target. Born To Die speeds up the tempo and sharpen the hardness of the metal construction that Dogbane sets free. Banished is also a great song, and here we are in world of stoner metal with a consistent attack showing that Dogbane is a band to be counted on. God Forgive You lit the fires with enormous power metal like they have never done anything else in their lives, great metal. Devil In The Dark has a melodic base where the song develops harder with lots of power and a gifted guitar solo to make the song perfect, one of the best tracks on the album. Dogbane is a long and slow song, also from the stoner metal handbag, but it grows more and more powerful as it moves ahead.

A great debut album from the guys from North Carolina, can't wait to hear more from Dogbane in the future.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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