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On disc: Dodsferd

Until Your World Go Down (Split EP) - Mike Thompson - 6 stars

Until Your World Go Down (Split EP)

Until Your World Go Down (Split EP)
(Moribund Records - 2010)

Dodsferd is a one man black metal band from Greece who have released a spate of albums in the last few years, most of which appear to have been quite well received. Following on from 2009's venture into the world of depressive black metal, Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow, Dodsferd offer three songs to this split. The first song is a quality fast-paced song inspired by the Norwegian black metal sound, notably Darkthrone and Carpathian Forest. This is easily my favorite song of the three on offer.
The second is a depressive track that certainly evokes feelings of pain, anguish and torture. For me, a bit too depressive, especially following on from the more typically black metal opener. Still, a song which shows how varied Dodsferd can be and one which will appeal to fans of the depressive sub-genre.
The final track from Dodsferd is a live recording of You Call It Resurrection, I Call It A Fairytale For Human Parasites, which is quite poor in quality, but not unlistenable. It is once again a very Norwegian sounding song that is enjoyable despite the poor recording quality.
The second band on this split is a side-project of Dodsferd man, Wrath, called Mortovatis. Musically this band are very different to Dodsferd and to be honest, completely different to what I was expecting.
Mortovatis' section of this split consists of one twenty minute epic called Rebirth 349 that begins with strange sound effects over a slow driving beat that is straight out of the likes of Space Ritual-era Hawkwind, a band I absolutely adore. It was about the eight minute mark when I realized that that's all this song was going to be; a simple guitar riff over simple drumming and very odd, piercing guitar sounds. Its a nice idea but at twenty minutes its about ten times longer than it needed to be. I didn't enjoy this track at all after the first couple of minutes. Maybe I just don't get this style of experimental stuff?
Overall this is certainly an interesting split. I'd give the Dodsferd section 7/10 and the Mortovatis section 5/10 which. Don't think I'll be grabbing any more Mortovatis stuff anytime soon, but I'll probably get hold of a few albums from Dodsferd's back catalogue.

6 stars

Mike Thompson


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