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On disc: Divinity

The Singularity - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Singularity

The Singularity
(Candlelight Records - 2010)

About 10 years after the Divinity came to life the Calgarians have their second album out. The Singularity was released in their home country late last year, now the rest of the world get it delivered via Candlelight Records.
The fivesome kicks off with Abiogensis, a track based on heavy riffs and progressive elements, but more an intro then a song. Musically Divinity combine thrash metal, death metal and progressiveness which they show with Beg To Consume. The song is a bit bulky, but Lay In The Bed You've Made is more accessible. The guitar play is doing the trick, the guitar melodies will hook you up. On the other hand this tune is a sonic roller coaster ride... Great guitar play and catchy melodies, but the next moment they offer brutal sounds and deep growls. Transformation is another brutal one, but again the guitars can give it a more melodic edge. Due to the grunts it's more death metal-ish, but has some Nevermore-sque guitar elements. Slowly they head into Monsters Are Real which starts atmospheric, but then they speed up and add some heaviness. Later they storm off into a death metal frenzy. Piano leads you into Embrace The Uncertain, when they go full force they combine complex progressive structures with heavy riffs. Singer Sean Jenkins adds some clean vocals which fit well to this progressive metal monster. At Approaching The Singularity they surprise you with breaks and short interludes. The closer probably shows best the diversity of sounds Divinity offer. I recommend to check out the closer and Lay In The Bed You've Made to get an idea of The Singularity.
The Calgarians are interesting for fans who like Nevermore as well as progressive extreme metal and open-minded death metal fans might like them, too.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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