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On disc: Diversia

- Promo 1999 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Promo 1999

Promo 1999
(self-released - 1999)

In the mid-90's Diversia was founded in Tallinn, Estonia. In the late 90's they did record a demo - this promo disc. Rain Song starts with the sound of falling rain and acoustic guitars. Then the band joins in with heavy guitar riffs and guitarist Darja adds the vocals. Darja has a nice voice, but somehow her vocals doesn't fit - in my opinion. Musically they offer riff-based melodic metal. The instrumental parts are quite good and offer some variety. The vocal lines fit well, but Darja lacks something... Next in line is Last Astral Dream which is mid-paced and has an epic touch. Here the ethereal vocals fit good - in the beginning -, coz when they speed up a bit Miss Tanasenko can't keep up. Come Back starts with acoustic guitar and vocals of Darja and guitarist Anastasia Jung. A slow acoustic folk tune to lead out the single. At this song Darja is doing much better. But when they get into metal she can't stand up against the guitars.
Well, they know how to play and they offer a nice mixture of melodic metal with some folk influences, but the vocals are their weak spot. I can only recommend Darja to focus on her guitar play and find a singer for Diversia - and she can add some vocal parts here and there.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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