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On disc: Distant Thunder

- Welcome The End - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Welcome The End

Welcome The End
(Massacre Records - 2004)

Some might think when they hear the name Distant Thunder of the US Metal legend Helstar. And they are right! This is the new band of former Helstar siren James Rivera. The fans of Helstar are still asking for the band to come back, but Rivera didn't want to ruin their reputation. Even if he was working with Destiny’s End and these days work with Seven Witches the fans still want Helstar back. Now he offers Distant Thunder which is the heir of Helstar. So expect US metal when you put this CD in your player. The album starts with some spoken words... distorted. The intro The Day Upon You. The track I Welcome The End was shortened for the album title. A songs which starts a little doomy, then speeds up. Typical US metal like we all know it from the 80's with the unique voice of James Rivera - and more. The chorus fans will sing along live. Perhaps their new anthem.... But there are more elements in their sound today. And so this is a good choice to check out the album. On Hopeless Creator Mr. Helstar remind me partly of King Diamond... A combination of Helstar and Mercyful Fate... Perhaps this explains it best. The instrumental track Distant Thunder is presenting their origin quiet good, even if it's without vocals. But they don't sound old-fashioned! With Lost In Time they start slowly, a powerful ballad first. Here James Rivera can show his emotional side. Then they go full speed ahead and deliver a double-bass drumming up-tempo tune with mid-tempo passages. Cool track. At the end of this disk you find an old Helstar track re-recorded - Run With The Pack. Actually there isn't a big difference to the original... The recording quality is better, but Rivera is as good as ever. And last, but not least they present a cover version of Accept's Restless & Wild. Interesting. Different. And who expect that this song can't work with another singer then Udo Dirkschneider, listen to this one. A very good version of this German metal classic. Well done, guys.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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